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Wes Anderson, from Texas to Paris

Wes Anderson, from Texas to Paris

In the late 2000s, sitting on a Vélib, two eschores roam the deserted streets of Paris in the early morning. Long hair, a tweed jacket, Wes Anderson and Jarvis Cocker marvel at the beauty around them. They made a name for themselves by using their tantrums in cinema. To rock, second. The two have been dreaming of Paris since childhood, after Anderson impressed himself in the films of The Texan Jean Renoir, after Cocker stirred up the songs of The Englishman Francois Hardy. Paris will not deceive them, and eventually they will settle there with their wife and child.

The effect of this epidemic, French dispatch, Released Wednesday, October 27th. Didn’t a reporter drive to France on a bicycle? In his offices, in the shadow of the Mont Bernard Tower, Wes Anderson mentions that the film is a combination of three desires: to admire the beauty of the homeland he has adopted; Create a sketch image Gold of Naples (1954), Vittorio de Sica; And tell the story of a magazine inspired by a weekly magazine New Yorker. “Once the script was written, I realized that this was mostly a film about being deported: what motivates some people to recreate themselves so far away from where they grew up?”

Jarvis Cocker is camping there for the fantasy singer Tip-Top, who is revered by young people in their sixties. For the soundtrack, the former chairman Pulp Group is responsible Aline, Chrysotile tube. As well as eleven “French pop” standards, collected on the album Tip-top boring songs, Released on October 22nd. “In 2006, at the Versailles Palace, I read records to celebrate the release of the film. Mary Antoinette, Sofia Coppola wrote: The sound was terrible, no one danced … Wes felt sorry for me, we sympathized, we shared our foreign experiences ”, Jarvis Cocker Retrieved, 58 years old.

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“Organize the mess”

The Englishman wrote a song Asteroid City, Anderson’s next film, in which he plays the cowboy. He has just returned from filming in Spain, where the desert of the Monument Valley, 50 kilometers from Madrid, has been rebuilt. The filmmaker triggers a production “Wild Adventurer”, Turned upside down by storm weather and a cast “Emotional Energy” He had never met.

Among them are many regulars of Andersonian spells (Phil Murray, Tilda Swinton …), and some newcomers (Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson). “We filmed very complex scenes with a lot of moving actors, Anderson, 52, describes what was drawn. It is necessary to organize the mess. “ And Jarvis Cocker should be plenty: “When you watch Wes movies, the whole thing is that you imagine him controlling every detail. However, in the set, the mastery is spontaneously combined. Of course, he invites you into his world with a storyboard and a list of the most precise references … but, at the same time, , He watches every spark of life, and thus his views take shape. “

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