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Western world leaders urge Israel to protect civilians

Western world leaders urge Israel to protect civilians

In a statement, the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Great Britain and Germany stressed Israel’s right to self-defense, but urged the country to protect civilians.


In a joint statement after heads of state and prime ministers discussed the war in the Middle East by phone on Sunday evening, Israel was urged to follow international law and protect civilians.

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Moreover, the document says that the countries welcome the release of the two American hostages affiliated with Hamas on Friday, and demand the immediate release of the remaining hostages.

States are committed to close diplomatic cooperation, including with important partners in the region, to prevent the spread of conflict Statement.

Gaza health authorities announced on Sunday that 4,741 people have been killed in Israeli air strikes on the Palestinian enclave, and nearly 16,000 others have been injured since October 7. Israel also stated that 1,500 Hamas fighters were killed in fighting inside Israel during the October 7 attack.

On the Israeli side, more than 1,400 people have been killed since the Hamas attack, according to the Israeli military. Among the dead, at least 307 are said to be soldiers.