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Wakacje kredytowe w lipcu mają stać się faktem. Chodzi o rozwiązania, które mają ulżyć kredytobiorcom w czasie wysokiej ponad 12 - procentowej inflacji i rosnących stóp procentowych.

What About Debt Holidays? This month the project should be in Sejm

Credit holidays come into effect in July. It’s about solutions that make it easier for borrowers in times of 12% inflation and rising interest rates.

The four-point support program for borrowers was previously announced by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

In an interview with RMF FM, Development and Technology Minister Voltaire Puda confirmed that some solutions were ready and that consultations with the Ministry of Finance had been completed. In May, the draft is due to be submitted to Sejm.

Credit Holidays – All you need to do is give them an outlet and the support they need to keep going. This is what determines our speed of action. The law should appear in a moment – Voltaire Puda tells us.

The government wants banks to join the borrowers’ support fund.

As announced by the Minister of Development and Technology on Wednesday, the government wants assistance to be launched in the form of loan holidays during the summer holidays. According to Voltaire Puda, this means higher costs for Polish families and lower corporate income.

It is planned to convert WIBOR to a different reference rate from January 1, 2023. As the minister said on Wednesday, the government will wait until September for a proposal from the banks and the WSE benchmark on the matter. “After that, this reference rate will be approved, and if it is unacceptable, we will propose on our own, for example, the polonia rate. Now, the analytical work of the banks is underway” – Voltaire Buda stressed.
He said borrowers should apply for grants for loan holidays and loan installments from the support fund in the first phase, and in the next phase – as an alternative to the WIBOR and assistance fund.

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According to the information provided on the website of the Prime Minister’s Chancellor, thanks to the proposed solutions, the example of the 2 + 2 family, with a debt of 300 thousand. PLN 20 years, it can get: “loan vacations”, ie 2×4 months without repaying the loan installments; In case of problems, non-refundable assistance in repaying the loan – up to Rs. 22,000; Thanks to the new loan interest rate of about 9 thousand, PLN is less likely to repay the entire loan.

Interest rises again today. Analysts’ predictions

Interest rises again today.  Analysts' predictions