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What anger! What a horror, says Paula Lobo Antunes

What anger! What a horror, says Paula Lobo Antunes

FMany pray for those who commented on social media about the case of the young man who was run over at Seixal, when he was the victim of an alleged practice of bullying by his colleagues. Among the reactions were messages from public figures, such as that of actress Paula Lobo Antunes, who also made sure to speak publicly about the topic.

The actress is disgusted. She shared the stories on her Instagram video, which recorded what happened and wrote: “What a sadness! How angry! What a horror! What parents who raise children do such evil? Can anyone explain to me?? I am amazed.” .

[Reação de Paula Lobo Antunes]© Instagram_paulaloboantunes

Remember, however, The parents of the victim and the aggressor broke the wall of silence.

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