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What are the most popular used cars for the Portuguese?

What are the most popular used cars for the Portuguese?

DrAccording to data from Standvirtual, one of the most popular car buying and selling portals in the country, we were able to learn about many interesting things related to the demand and supply in the used car market.

Did you know, for example, that the most wanted cars in November were those registered between 2015/2016? For the most sought-after segment, pickup trucks (18%), SUVs (17%) and SUVs (16.5%) stand out. In the latter two, demand exceeds supply.

Cars priced between 10,000 and 25,000 euros were also the most sought after last month, while BMW (12.1%), Mercedes-Benz (11.6%) and Renault (10%) continued to be the most sought-after brands in November.

Finally, the fuel. Diesel is still the most sought after rating, however, since October it has revealed more ads (65%) than demand and views. It is followed by gasoline with 27% of ads and 25% of demand. Electricity (5%), hybrid gasoline (3.5%) and diesel hybrid (1.5%) accounted for 10% of demand in November.

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