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What are those “spiders” from Mars we talk about so much?  See what science says

What are those “spiders” from Mars we talk about so much? See what science says

Spiders on Mars? Solve the mystery of the red planet.
Urima Celdran

Urima Celdran Spain meteorite 5 minutes

in Surface of MarsIn a cold and desolate world, strange things have been observed Formations resembling giant spiders. These structures, dubbed “Martian spiders,” have been the subject of debate among scientists and amateurs for years.

But recently, we've gotten more revealing images that raise the question: Who are these mysterious figures on Martian soil really?

Exploring the red planet

For decades, the European Space Agency (European Space Agency) played a major role in exploring this intriguing world, starting in 1996 with the launch of the probe Mars Express. This space mission It has been orbiting Mars for more than 20 years, providing valuable information About its surface and its secrets.

One of the mission's most surprising discoveries Mars Express The discovery of the mysterious Martian “spiders” was in 2004. However, a new probe known as the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter has now been discovered (TGO), launched in 2016 and also from the European Space Agency, captured traces of Spiders are widespread on the surface of the Antarctic region From Mars.

What are the famous “spiders” on Mars?

Spiders on Mars They are not living organisms, but rather geological formations that form during the Martian spring. During the winter, cold temperatures allow carbon dioxide (CO2) to condense and settle to the surface as a layer of ice.

Spiders, Mars
Carbon dioxide plays a crucial role in the formation of “spiders” on Mars.

With the advent of spring The sun heats the surface Ice planet and Frozen carbon dioxide sublimatesIt changes from the gaseous state to the solid state. This process generates enormous pressure under the ice sheet, causing… Eruptions that create branching channels on the surfaceThey resemble the spiders we know on our planet.

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These are very large formations

At first glance, Martian “spiders” may look like our Earth spiders, but they have a clear distinction: they can reach Large sizes. Some samples extend several kilometers across, and their dimensions range from 45 meters and 1 kilometer. Therefore, these structures are visible from space and have been photographed by several space missions.

Where were they found?

Spiders were discovered on Mars Surroundings of an area known as the Inca cityThe area was identified in 1972 by the probe Mariner 9 from NASA. Although the Inca city was discovered more than 50 years ago, its “spiders” remained hidden until the arrival of the Inca’s high-resolution stereoscopic camera. Mars Express.

Inca city on Mars.
Inca city on Mars.

If you're wondering what The exact origin of the Inca cityHowever, it remains a mystery, despite speculation that it may be linked to cosmic influences and volcanic activity.

Geological features, such as circular “walls” with a diameter of 86 km, indicate the possible presence of A A crater formed as a result of the collision of a space object.

What are the implications of this discovery for the habitability of Mars?

The presence of these “spiders” on Mars, although not evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life, provides valuable information about the climatic and geological conditions of the Red Planet. These processes can be understood Helping scientists determine if Mars was ever habitable Or whether it could sustain life today.

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The “spiders” on Mars are a reminder of the complexity and beauty of the universe. Although these formations are not living organisms, their presence invites us to continue exploring the mysteries of the Red Planet and searching for signs of extraterrestrial life.