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What changes from July 21st

What changes from July 21st



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The health pass is mandatory from Wednesday, July 21 at culture and leisure. Failure to comply with the instructions will result in a fine Customers are paid 135 euros and operators 1,500 euros.

The Health Pass will change from Wednesday, July 21st Fresh sesame for all leisure time. It serves as evidence that Govit-19 has been vaccinated, immunized, or tested negatively, and may be requested in amusement and leisure parks, museums, cinemas, and theaters, but not in theaters, libraries, or exhibitions. At the Paris Fisheries, the pass will be mandatory from Wednesday, July 21st. “Would be very useful“for”Promise everyone“, According to General Director Alexandre Taloni. Pass control is the responsibility of the structures. At the Paris Fisheries, four people were hurriedly recruited and several smartphones were purchased to scan customers ’health passes.

Failure to comply with the rules carries a fine of 135 euros for customers who refuse to issue their pass, 1,500 euros for operators and a fine of 9,000 for repeat offenses. Overweight sums and restrictions according to some. “Basically, what are we, the genders today, we police? Besides, do we have a stick that can fall on us if we don’t do the police properly? I was a little skeptical“Alexandre Wilhelm, manager of the Sergil boxing in Paris, comments. The government has promised flexibility over the next few days. However, after a few days of teaching, sanctions will be applied.