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What connects Marcia Soares from “Big Brother” to Cristina Ferrera?  Controversy rages – national

What connects Marcia Soares from “Big Brother” to Cristina Ferrera? Controversy rages – national

Since our introduction to ‘Big Brother’ – a format that has been a hit around the world for 25 years – Cristina Ferreira It was (even) more vulnerable to criticismEspecially from an audience that never misses a hint of what’s going on inside the most watched house in the country.

Obviously, those who follow the game closely end up having their favorites. So, It is not surprising that Christina Ferreira is often accused of “rigging the game”, taking some competitors to “college” and not being neutral.

This edition is no exception The presenter is suspected of favoring Marcia Soares. From Instagram to X [antigo Twitter]Through Facebook, Cristina Ferreira cannot escape criticism: “You may be neutral “And that’s what it was”Biased. He always drags Marcia and buries others. Very bad, Christina, very bad.”It adapts the game a lot for those who are pitching. This protection of Andrei and Marcia became ridiculous; I’m already tired of this protectiono” or “It’s sad that Cristina Ferreira is talking to Joanna. “He shows favoritism towards Marcia and insults others.”

But there is more: “Put an end to this stupid program and give the reward to the protected snake and the protected herd“Do you think you are throwing wool over the eyes of the Portuguese”?The announcer must be neutral, but here the preference is clear. I would like the families of the other contestants to request a vetting,” “Christina, I’m a fan of yours and I’m sorry, I don’t want to offend in any way… But I would like to understand why they never show all the photos with Márcia?“The public sees and we also demand respect. Not everything is important to have an audience. Ashamed of what you caused.So partial it hurts“.

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