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What countries is Android or iOS used in?  See the full list

What countries is Android or iOS used in? See the full list

Talking about smartphones is always talking about Android and iOS. These are the most widely used systems on the market and the ones that best represent the user’s choices. With a clear dominance, the obvious question remains… Which countries use Android or iOS the most? Discover the full list.

In which countries is Android or iOS used?

The war between Android and iOS is eternal and the numbers comparing them are constantly coming up. Both platforms captivate users, and smartphones where they are the choice of many who want powerful proposals able to give users.

To show the usage distribution of these two systems, we now have Information from Statista. On a simple map it is possible to find out where Android and iOS are most used, with this area marked for each system by country. The Google system assumes 71% of the usage share, leaving 28% for the Apple system.

We clearly see Android's dominance, with a few small spots marking where iOS is most used. These points clearly show the dominance in the United States, with 57% of the market. The Apple system also dominates in Canada (61%) and some European countries (Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom), as well as Japan, Australia, and other countries around the world.

An eternal battle between Google and Apple in smartphones

As for Android, the scenario is completely different and the dominance is overwhelming and almost complete in terms of countries. The Google system guarantees this domain in Europe, with occasional exceptions, in Africa and South America.

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Something you can also see from this map is that the field is divided even between Android and iOS. In addition to Apple's Google system, there is less than 1% of the share that can be accessed by smaller systems, such as KaiOS or feature phone systems from Nokia and Samsung.

This map results from data obtained by Statista regarding StatCounter page visits. With over 5 billion page views per month, it becomes possible to measure and use the market, in this case in terms of mobile operating systems.