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"What did they say about Joanna?"

“What did they say about Joanna?”

Ricardo Pereira, former rival of Big Brother, was a guest of Manuel Luis Josha on “Josha” on Thursday, December 9, for a 40-minute chat about his performance in reality showThe relationship with Joanna and her life outside the most guarded home in the country.

In the final part of the conversation, the hostess was surprised by a special message from his 11-year-old son, Francisco: “hi dad i just want you to know that martim and i love you endlessly, we are so proud of you and that you are our hero“.

This message left the now ex-contender visibly animated:It’s good to hear these things. I’m proud of my performance, because if they like it…“.

And when Manuel Luis Josha was asked what his two sons thought about Joanna, with whom he fell in love with the older brother, Ricardo answered frankly: “They love Joanna. It was a concern we had there too, Joanna talked a lot about it and so did I, because if they really don’t like the person I’m with, it gets complicated, because they’re my priority.“.

But they love it so much, and say they feel it makes me feel good, so if I’m happy, they’re happy. […] They love her and really want to meet herRicardo added.

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