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What excuse do idol judges use when they want to miss a date?

What excuse do idol judges use when they want to miss a date?

These are just two of the many questions asked to judges idols. A few days before the premiere, on April 9 on SIC, Pedro Tatanca, Anna Bacalhau, Joanna Marquez and Martim Souza Tavares fearlessly answered the short test that promises to check the personality of the jury of the successful orchestra under a magnifying glass.

Here is the revelation of the first question: “My parents didn’t like it when…”

Martim Souza Tavares: “When I paint on the walls in the dining room”

Anna Bacalho: When I told them I was going to be a singer

Joanna Marquez: “When I watched suspicious programs on TV. They wanted me to watch RTP2 movie cycles.”

Pedro Tatanka: “when [no fim da adolescência] I blame others when I didn’t control things. For example, one day a car engine seized and the mechanic was blamed. My father was angry with me

Credits: Joao Maria C.

second question: “The excuse I often use to miss a date is…”

Martim Souza Tavares: “I can’t go because my son drew me on a graphic in the dining room

Anna Bacalho: “An unexpected event occurred

Joanna Marquez: “I get up very early (even if the date is 3pm)”

Pedro Tatanka: “I got Covid-19”

More unpredictable questions and answers are coming soon. Until then you know everything About idols here.

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