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What happened to the Baberio biscuit factory?  Company denies Lever candidate

What happened to the Baberio biscuit factory? Company denies Lever candidate


Fábrica de Bolachas Paupério came to clarify what happened to the original owners of the company, after statements made by Francisco Paupério, Lever's candidate for the European elections, who revealed that he is a descendant of the founders.

Manuel Fernando Araujo/Losa

Are there gambling debts haunting the company's past? Baberio Biscuit Factory? If it is difficult to find someone who does not know the famous biscuits, which have inhabited the imagination of Portuguese confectioners for a century and a half, it will be even more difficult to find someone who knows well the history of the company's founders. Famous Fabrica – including those who claim to be their descendants.

This is the case of Francisco Baberio, candidate free to European electionswho recently revealed that he belongs to the family that originally created the cookies.

In the podcast “Bom Partido“, led by comedian Guilherme Gerinhas, The Livre List boss said he was part of the family that “founded the company a long time ago”.but he no longer has any connection with him.

According to Francisco Baberio, There are “many stories in the family” about what led the Bauperius family away from the biscuit factory.

“I've already been told Gambling debts The candidate told the Europeans: “They sold the factory to compensate, and they have already told me that they no longer want anything to do with the factory, and they sold the factory only on the condition of keeping the name.”

A 150-year-old story

It was the factory It was founded on April 20, 1874. At that time, it was created by Paupério & Companhia, composed of Antonio de Souza Malta Paupério and Joaquim Carlos Figuera, partners from Valongo and Portorespectively, who “jointly managed the company.”

“After the death of Antonio Baberio in 1907, W Since there were no direct heirs (and not because of gambling debts, as the politician says), the remaining heirs chose to sell their shares to partner Joaquim Figuera.“, including the right to continue using the name Paupério,” the company explains.

“From that moment on, the community It changed its name to Paupério & Companhia Sucessores, and remained in the exclusive possession of the Figueira family.“Currently, we are in the sixth generation of running the family,” he continues.

The company also confirms this “Not all” families bearing the name Paupério “have a direct connection” to the founding of the factory.

“Just as the name Maria is common, not all Marias belong to the same family,” he emphasizes, highlighting the “commitment to historical truth and heritage preservation” of the Baberio biscuit factory.