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What happens when Cristiano Ronaldo tells us to drink water

What happens when Cristiano Ronaldo tells us to drink water

Cristiano Ronaldo was preparing for a preview of the defending champions’ Euro 2020 debut, this Tuesday, against Hungary – a match won by three balls to zero, with a ‘repeat’ by CR7.

While waiting for reporters’ questions, the Portuguese captain pushed two bottles of Coca-Cola, which were next to the microphone, and recommended water instead, which means it’s healthy.

He took the above bottles, from the brand that is one of the official sponsors of the European Football Championship, and set them aside. Not without saying:Water and drink water“.

The video went viral on Monday, and today the CR7 gesture could have had a negative impact on bag. According to some international publications such as trade markAfter the Portuguese player drank the drinks, Coca-Cola shares started at €55.55 (opened at €55.70). However, Philip Garcia, an analyst at the International Monetary Fund, explains to More football That the gesture is in no way related to this fall and that the devaluation was already taking place (and that the big fall had already occurred before, at the start of the session, minutes before Ronaldo entered the press room).

according to Express TribuneThe football organisation, which had “access to UEFA’s reaction to the issue”, without Coca-Cola, asserted that it would be impossible to “organize a successful tournament for players and fans” like Euro 2020 football.

For UEFA, the brand has “a long tradition of supporting all sports at its various levels” and has been instrumental in “ensure the development of football throughout Europe”. The Euro 2020 organizer adds that “Coca-Cola offers drinks for all tastes and needs – from water, isotonic sports drinks, juices, coffee and tea”, with “players and coaches, of course, free to choose the drinks they want”.

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Coca-Cola also reacted. Through a statement from the beverage brand’s “spokesperson”, citing daily MailThe brand says that “everyone has a right to their preferences when it comes to drinks” and states that “water is provided to players, as well as Coca-Cola and Coca Zero, upon arrival at press conferences.”

However, this isn’t CR7’s first comment on soda consumption. At the end of last year, at the Globe Soccer Awards, Cristiano Ronaldo also mentioned the brand when talking about his eldest son.

“I’m hard on him [Cristiano Júnior], sometimes because he drinks Coca-Cola and Fanta, and I get annoyed. Eating potatoes, fried food, things like that, and I don’t like it. Even the little ones, when they eat chocolate, look at me right away,” said Cristiano.

This moment aroused some doubts such as, for example, whether the Portuguese international will sign a contract with a rival drink or if UEFA will punish the player for this gesture. Who did not forgive is the Internet, starting with Insomnias in Charcoal. is to see.