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What is good and bad cholesterol?  know the differences

What is good and bad cholesterol? know the differences

a cholesterol It is usually seen as a bad thing, but also perform other tasks In our body, it composes the structures of cells.

It still produces some vitamins and hormones and forms bile acids that function in digestion.

Cholesterol becomes health concern When it is high, and because it remains in the blood, it is dangerous for the circulatory system.

The Genetic inheritance, diet and lifestyle affect cholesterol levels.

Foods that help lower high cholesterol:

What is good and bad cholesterol?

HDL and LDL cholesterol – Fedsor / Pixabay

Cholesterol has only one composition, but its transport medium ( lipoprotein – particle) to which it is attached may change.

Could be lipoprotein high or low intensityby configuration, with different functions.

a Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, a group of low-density lipoproteins, considered bad cholesterol. It is dangerous because it can deposit on the walls of the arteries, forming fatty plaques.

For this reason, high cholesterol can increase the risk of infection Heart attack or stroke (a stroke), in which blood cannot circulate normally.

Thus, it is important to maintain a file balanced diet with A little fat and practice physical activities.

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a High-density lipoprotein cholesterol It is what is known as “good cholesterol,” which is a mixture of high-density lipoproteins.

It’s the good cholesterol that helps Preventing arterial blockage due to fat. Thus, it also prevents the onset of cardiovascular diseases. and still

In addition, “good cholesterol” has an anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant and antioxidant effect. It also activates the production of hormones, vitamin D and bile necessary for the body.

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