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What is the ideal shape for a man’s butt?  Science responds

What is the ideal shape for a man’s butt? Science responds

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The research found no significant differences between gender tastes, but gay and bisexual men tend to prefer larger buttocks than heterosexual men.

new Stady Published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Discover the most aesthetically pleasing man’s butt, based on a survey of 2,095 individuals in the United States.

Participants rated three views of a man’s buttocks — sideways, three-quarters, and frontal — for each Digitally altered for variety In prominence, roundness and breadth.

“Our results show that there is,” explains lead author Ashit Patel of Duke University The male gluteal aesthetic is preferred. A moderately enhanced, well-proportioned appearance is highly desirable.

The study found that the ideal thigh-to-butt ratio is 1.18, the height-to-width ratio is 0.66, and the angle between the cleavage and the edge at three-quarter width is 66 degrees. The desired appearance is Round and perfectBut it maintains its muscular characteristics.

Dr. Patel noted that evaluators prefer a bottom that is not flat but also does not protrude too much, and that It should not be too wideDemonstrates the preservation of the characteristic side crease IFLScience.

The survey also had moderate diversity among participants, and preferences varied little among different demographic groups. African Americans prefer slightly larger tails, while Asian Americans prefer smaller ones. There were differences in preferences between men Lesbian, gay, bisexual and heterosexual peoplewhere men who have sex with men prefer a fuller buttocks.

Cultural influences in the United States have a significant impact on these aesthetic preferences, affecting expectations in plastic surgery. However, the study No significant differences were found Genderqueer, where non-binary individuals, men and women (both cis and trans) largely agree on the ideal appearance.

This research is of particular interest in the context of plastic surgery, including gender confirmation procedures for both cis and trans men, or anyone who desires the ideal masculine butt.

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