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What is the relationship between pregnancy infections and childhood leukemia? [podcast]

What is the relationship between pregnancy infections and childhood leukemia? [podcast]

In this episode, the article is reviewed by Felipe Mesquita, Hematologist and Content Specialist at PEBMED Portal Evaluation of maternal infection during pregnancy and pediatric leukemia among offspring in Denmark Published in JAMA What implications could this study bring to clinical practice.

Childhood leukemia, and more specifically leukemia Lymphomas Acute is the most common type of cancer in the pediatric age group and has poorly understood causes of the disease. Given that maternal infection can lead to chromosomal or immunological changes in the fetus, it is suggested that this group could be a risk factor for childhood leukemia.

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Topics covered in the episode:

  • What types of infections during pregnancy can be linked to the development of childhood leukemia?
  • Does the period of pregnancy in which the infection occurred seem relevant?
  • Could maternal comorbidities affect this analysis?
  • In cases of children born at different times who have the same father and mother but were exposed or not exposed to infection during pregnancy. Does this make a difference?
  • What size of the population was analyzed and how were these diagnoses made?
  • What were the findings and limitations of the current study?

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