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Qual intervalo para trocar roupa de cama segundo a ciência? — Foto: Canva Pró

What is the time interval for changing bedding according to science? Find out now

Rio de Janeiro, June 4, 2022, Priscilla LiviaWhat is the time interval for changing bedding according to science? Today on É Mais MT’s Daily News blog, find out the answer to that question, so you can always keep your bed in perfect condition, so you don’t get sick or even pass it on when you end up lying on it.

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What is the time interval for changing bedding according to science?

Now, look at the interval that needs to be done, so that you can make the correct change of bed linen. And knowing this interval, it will be possible to always keep your bed well sterilized, and there will also be no danger that it will end up with a disease.

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Look, now is the time period to always follow, to be able to keep a good change of bed linen so that you don’t get sick

What is the time interval for changing bedding according to science? – Image: Canva Pro

First of all, it is necessary to know the correct time period for changing bedding, it is better to leave an interval of 7 days between each change. In the absence of any kind of disease in the house and for people who use this bed.

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However, according to science, if someone in bed has the flu or a fever, the change should be done every two days. But in case of infectious diseases such as lice, scabies, ringworm, etc., exchange will take place daily to prevent diseases.

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The correct range of ability to prevent allergic attacks and other allergic-type diseases to be able to prevent problems

First, it is necessary to observe the correct interval in case of allergic problems, and why in case of allergies. It is important to change bedding frequently so that you can remove any mites as well as bacteria that cause allergies.

So you can avoid asthma, rhinitis and skin allergies. Basically, if you already have a predisposition, it is important to change the bedding every 5 days. To remove any residue that may be harmful to your body.

The seasons and the way they will affect your bedding so you can always stay healthy in any kind of temperature

Then we have the seasons, and it happens that during the summer the interval should be 4 days, because of the sweat that runs at night. And in winter and summer, it is important to keep bed linen well ventilated even in the cold.

Find out how to always keep your mattress in perfect condition, even in those environments where there is no fresh air and are also very humid.

Finally, for those places that are not renovated and where the humidity is very high, it is important to leave the place with plenty of air circulation and open the windows for this. Finally, also keep the mattress without a sheet to breathe and put it in the sun to dry.

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After these tips, it is easy to know the time period for changing bedding. So, see other home tips in this text from UOLPosted on 06/01/2021 by Marcos Bonfin.

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