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What is Xbox All Access and how does it work?

What is Xbox All Access and how does it work?

The Microsoft It took a while, but it finally brought Xbox All Access to Brazil, an official sales service for its consoles that collects, in addition to the video game value, the price paid for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the most expensive version of the game. Company game subscription plan.

But, unlike in the United States, where the giant from Redmond has managed to make product acquisition available at many retailers, here in Brazil the negotiation part, i.e. the unit of buying and selling, payments and delivery, has become a part. to you. From Itaú, which will provide its customers with these facilities in an exclusive way.

But what is Xbox All Access and how does it work? We will explain it to you in detail.

What is Xbox All Access?

Designed in partnership with Itaú and exclusively for bank customers, Xbox All Access is a purchase method that allows customers to purchase xbox s and 21 months of Xbox Game Pass with a flat, interest-free monthly fee of R$170.99. At the end of the period, the console will be yours forever.

How do you get Xbox All Access?

Those interested in purchasing Xbox All Access should access the Itaú, Itaú Personnalité, or Itaú Cartão apps. After you sign in, just access Xbox All Access from the Benefits menu (in the Cards app) or Products (in other apps) menu. Next, the customer must select the product in the window and follow the instructions to complete the purchase.

In addition to being an Itaú customer, you must have a credit card with enough limit to cover the total value of the console, which currently costs R$2,649. However, there are retailers that sell the Xbox Series S for R$2,000, which makes All Access less attractive.

After you complete your purchase, Microsoft explains that Allied, the partner in the transaction, will be responsible for delivering the console to your home. The deadline for Brazilian capitals is 2 business days and shipping is free. Each console has a serial number already associated with your Game Pass subscription, which makes everything more practical.

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What are the pros and cons of Xbox All Access?


Adding in the exact and official values ​​for an Xbox Series S console and 21 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it would be exactly R$3,592. Divided into 21 interest-free installments, the amount is R$171.04, even less than the R$170.99 charged by Microsoft. But if the price is the same, why is Xbox All Access worth it?

Controller warranty

First, as for the service, the console seems, at first, foolproof, without relying on partner stock. Of course, if by any chance Microsoft encounters problems with deliveries, they can let you know, but not many details have been given on this matter.

installment price

Another point is the price of the package. By analyzing the profile of the Brazilian consumer and how they purchase products with high added value, the price paid per month, even for a longer period, can make a difference. If we divide the value of both products (Series S and Game Pass Ultimate) by 10, which is the maximum that some stores allow, the value will be R$359.20.

Official prices may increase after purchase, but your prices remain the same

When you buy Xbox All Access, you guarantee that the amount paid is the same until the end. Microsoft Already warned that it may increase Xbox and Game Pass prices In the future, but it will not change.

Game Pass is always a draw

Here, no surprises. Xbox Game Pass offers over a hundred games to enjoy without strings attached and your subscription is guaranteed because of the 21-month payment plan you signed. Additionally, Cloud Gaming and Game Pass on PC are also included in the Ultimate subscription.

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It does not contain the X series

One of the downsides to Xbox All Access is the lack of an X series A more powerful version of the new consoles from Microsoft.

The price is really the same

When analyzed in a practical way, paying the same price doesn’t seem like much of an advantage. exactly the contrary.

Only for Itaú customers

Currently, only Banco Itaú customers with the rules specified above can purchase Xbox All Access.