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What Manhart did to the BMW M3 E30 will blow your mind

What Manhart did to the BMW M3 E30 will blow your mind

a The BMW M3 E30 was launched in the 1980s, but 40 years later it still tugs at the hearts of car enthusiasts. Perhaps that is why Mannhart decided to prepare this model in all pomp and circumstance.

With the name MH3 3.5 Turbo, the German tuner baptized it as such because of the engine change that had been carried out. Manhart ditched the four-cylinder block and put the Alpina’s I6 Turbo in the B7 S Turbo. This means that the MH3 3.5 has a six-cylinder block capable of delivering 330hp and a maximum torque of 500Nm.

However, to aid performance, a new KKK Turbo and new intercooler were also installed, as well as another Manhart exhaust system, making the MH3 3.5 Turbo produce a total of 405 hp and 650 Nm of torque. The gearbox is a five-speed manual.

The exterior and interior have also been improved, using some carbon fiber parts, as you can see in the photos.

What is the value? This was the only doubt Manhart left in the air.

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