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What negative consequences will the announcement of Juninho's departure at the end of the season have?

What negative consequences will the announcement of Juninho’s departure at the end of the season have?

“My plan, honestly, is to spend at least five years here. இல் In September 2020, a Interview At RMC Sport, a season after returning to Lyon as sports director, Juninho reaffirmed his desire to join OL for a long time. But the Brazilian, who was on CDI as DS at the club, made a brutal return to RMC Sport on Wednesday night. “Normally, it’s over at the end of the season,” he said, four days after a hot shock against OM in an announcement that looked like a real thunderclap in the Lyon club’s head. 20 minutes This unexpected announcement looks at the many (and all the negative) consequences it could have in the coming weeks.

Short-term sports risks for the club?

The timing of Juninho’s rare long media trip since arriving at OL in May 2019 could not have been more incorrectly chosen. His club, which has lost from the Champions League for two years (7th) is in trouble again in the league (19 points out of a possible 39), and will experience a turning point in his season on Sunday (8:45 pm) at Park OL. , Against OM (4th), a direct competitor on stage.

His statements about his personal future after a complete defeat at Rennes (4-1) and at the end of the international break, from the end of the season, do not clearly bring the calm that Peter Bose needs. His team. When a coach plans his departure six months before the end of the season, good results rarely come. In the view of his leader and the many players on the team the equation could not be so favorable in the case of such a valuable and essential sports director.

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Are Lucas Paqueta and Bruno Guimaraes leaving early?

Without Juninho, it is clear that Bruno Guimaraes and Lucas Baguette would not have signed the OL. They have clearly been Lyon’s best recruitment and active members since the arrival of “Juni” at the club, and the cost (20 M ஒவ்வ each) for several months makes us laugh today at their size and their Brazilian international status. . These two technology leaders are admired by supporters under the agreement until 2024 and 2025, respectively.

Lucas Bucketta and Bruno Guimaraes were the two main OL players in the first half of this season (3-3) in the draw against Clermont in August. – Eurasia Sports Images / Shutterstock / SIPA

The latter told the RMC on Wednesday that Lucas Bagheta, who was “not excited” when Rudy Garcia arrived, made a “very significant economic effort” compared to his salary at AC Milan to sign in Lyon. “Juninho gives me his support, tenderness and confidence. I have no words to describe how important he is to me. Without “their” dad at the club, would the romance between Guimaraes, Baguette and OL be even more emotional beyond next summer? Nothing is certain.

Do we notice that it is not possible to settle in the sporting direction of this club?

On May 28, 2019, during a joint press conference for Juninho and Silvinho (Did you forget that?) At the OL, Jean-Michel Allஸ்s quickly promised: “Juninho has” all the powers of the game “. In fact, four months later, Silvinho was replaced by Rudy Garcia, who realized that this was not really the case and that it would never happen. Juninho had to collaborate with Florian Maurice for a season, until then accustomed to hiring manager ++ close to DS status and JMA consultant Gérard Houllier (died December 14, 2020).

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If he is decisive in choosing Peter Bose this season, he will have to compose music with Jean-Michel Alas at Juninho OL, but from July 2020 with football general manager Vincent Ponzat (right).
If he is decisive in choosing Peter Bose this season, he will have to compose music with Jean-Michel Alas at Juninho OL, but with music general manager Vincent Bonsat (right) from July 2020. – OLIVIER CHASSIGNOLE / AFP

He helped promote Vincent Ponce (former deputy general manager in charge of human resources, legal and sports administration) last year as general manager of football and the club’s real number 2 behind JMA, so ahead of “Juni”. As the Brazilian noted on Wednesday: “There is too much depression and do not want to go overboard”, we can assume that the chart of the organization is influencing his “desire to relax” as Jean-Michel Alas thinks. Historically, in the 34 years of the Alas era, there has never been a sports director at OM (before he became president) who could match Pablo Longoria’s freedom of action. What seriously limits the potential celebrity candidates for the successor to “Juni”, right?

Will recruitment come to a complete standstill in the coming months?

On Wednesday, Juninho promised that OL would look for a “corridor striker” for the next winter transfer window, while CAN (January 9 to February 6) would focus on three attackers: Karl Toko Ekambi, Islam Slimani and Tino Kadewere. Prioritized from the summer, Zénith Sardar Azmoun’s versatile attacker (26 years old, free next June) is still on the shelves.

“We love Peter and me so much,” Juninho said. We will definitely try to get him to come. But even here, we doubt next season’s recruitment could be as structured as possible:

– Since this summer, Bruno Cio, who was appointed director of the recruitment division after Florian Maurice’s departure in Rennes in 2020, has become the technical advisor in charge of women’s football at OL.

– Recruiting as OL’s icon for more than 20 years, Patrice Girard resigned to join Angers, further expelling the already badly paid recruitment unit for a club in Lyon’s position.

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– The sports director resigned live on the radio almost six months after the end of the season

Congratulations to Jean-Michel Alas and Vincent Bonsott, who have yet to respond to Juninho’s press release, in their attempt to successfully respond to many uncertainties in the coming months.