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What Prime Matter reveals about this event

What Prime Matter reveals about this event

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After the period of restrictions imposed by the covid-19 epidemic, Gamescom, one of the major global gaming events, returns in 2022, with the participation of developer Prime Matter for the first time, where visitors to the event in Germany will have the opportunity to play and experience some of the upcoming games firsthand.

In addition to the booth located in Hall 9 at Gamescom, Prime Matter also announced that there will be photo sessions and a live broadcast studio, among other surprises at the event.

system shock

A complete remastering of the original 1994 first-person shooter/RPG. It combines gameplay with new HD visuals, updated controls, reworked interface, and new sounds and music as players attempt to escape from an AI-controlled space station. Shodan and his legions of mutated and mutated enemies.

Watch the system shock promo below:

Gonggrave Gore:

The game’s plot says: Bullets don’t stop flying in this long-awaited third-person adventure, featuring original art by Yasuhiro Nightow and Ikumi Nakamura. “Are you with us?”

Check out the latest trailer for the game, titled “Bullets, Beauty, Badass”:

Another orecro:

Another orecrow It is a story based RPG that puts you in the middle of an ongoing struggle on a sci-fi/medieval planet. Players’ choices will greatly affect the gameplay and will have a direct impact on the violent conflict and its outcome. Battle, loot, level up and replay in 1 or 2 player co-op mode (supported online and local co-op).

Watch the latest trailer below:

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord:

The sequel to Mount & Blade: Warband, one of the most successful and influential RPGs, Mount & Blade has been praised for its gameplay, which combines action, RPG and strategy in a sandbox world where each player creates their own story in the fictional continent.. from Calradia.

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According to the plot, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord takes place before Warband, which takes place 200 years before Calradia that we know from previous games. The Calradian Empire is on the verge of collapse and various factions struggle to control the remnants of the ancient empire that once ruled the entire continent. Meanwhile, other factions are trying to exploit the chaotic situation to gain power for themselves.

The game launched in early access in March 2020, having since received dozens of content updates and gotten even bigger. As the release of the full version of the game approaches, the expected console version will be presented for the first time during Gamescom.

Watch one of the trailers released during development below: