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What the VAR regulations provide... ″

What the VAR regulations provide… ″

Statements by Sergio Conceicao, coach of FC Porto, in front of Sport TV, after the loss at home to Lyon, 0-1, in the first leg of the round of 16 of the European League.

analyzing: “It was a well-balanced match, where we made four or five chances to score, and so did Lyon, three or four. Lyon were efficient, they scored, in a move that seemed harmless. We had chances to score and we did, it was offside. And the penalty was disallowed. It’s part of the game, it’s not. We didn’t push too much and it was strategically understandable at first, we handled it a little differently than usual, recovering the ball less than usual, many meters to do to find the opponent’s goal. And then I noticed the two extra days From the comfort Lyon had. It’s not an excuse, it’s a fact. I think the next match will be different. We’ve come halfway, there is another match to prepare well and win, especially with Tondela and then with Lyon.”

Thinking of saving against Tondela? “I will analyze this tomorrow, work on it, look at this game, the next game, determine the best strategy, eleven goals to try and win the Tondela game, for us, it is important, the Lyon game will be discussed in due course, I think it will be different In France a very balanced match, against a good team, with quality. I don’t go to the songs a lot, because just looking at the league table in France, it has nothing to do with the quality with the individual and the collective quality of this team. He has some weaknesses and we could have explored more. If we finish better on some of the plays we’ve had, and don’t reveal much of what I said and take back. There are many factors that contributed to that, in my opinion. The players did their best, and nothing to say. I think during a balanced game, a fair result would be a draw. We Here to look for goals to turn the game around. I’m confident in the second leg, obviously as well.”

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Penalty kick reversed: “On the bench, it seemed to me clearly that the ball goes to the arm, that’s a matter of standards. If it hits the thigh, if it goes to the arm, if the referee sees it. To intervene, but it’s over, there’s nothing to do, nothing to say. We have to look forward to.” Forward, we are preparing well for the match with Tondela, then Lyon, and we will have an opinion without a doubt.”