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What will Ines Gutierrez do after closing the doors of TVI - Nacional

What will Ines Gutierrez do after closing the doors of TVI – Nacional

After 6 years at TVI, Inês Gutierrez has ceased to be a part of Queluz de Baixo Television. The announcer was Maria Luisa’s mother 5 months ago and priorities have changed. Television is no longer the priority… and the influencer has prompted the decision to close a circle, not least because the opportunities on TVI weren’t many.

“Given what I am planning for my career, this is the right decision. At the age of 30, I want to continue growing professionally. I know this path should bring me more of what makes me happy: the adrenaline that fed me several hours of live programming, the puzzle that I do to encapsulate the content in the best way, the right words to touch the right hearts, I want to shiver again every time they tell me ‘You’re in the air,’ said Inês, in the message saying goodbye to TVI, as I lost space for other characters closer to Christina, like Fanny, which became one of the permanent items of “Somos Portugal”.

But where is Enes headed? So far, the girlfriend of Joao Montez – who continues, for the time being, to be the face of ‘Querido Mudei a Casa’, (who recently had to return to acting… in an apparent dead end – has not yet revealed if he has other projects on TV or not.

However, many of her former TVI colleagues left her messages of strength… Christina left only a heart emoji, without any comment on Ennis’s farewell message.

“I am sure I will find you on the screens that you deserve,” confirmed Mafalda Castro, who was Cristina Ferreira’s bet on TVI.

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“You’re an incredible professional. One of the best I’ve ever worked with. Life takes so many roles, and you never give up because you’re from TV. See you soon my dear,” shot Isabel Figuera.

“Dear Ines, I hope you are very happy and I hope to see you soon,” wrote Maria Serqueira Gomez.

Isabel Silva, who underwent the same on TVI, said, “Decisions with feelings and intuition will always lead you to a good port. Keep flying…with faith, focus and flexibility.”

João Montez, Inês’ partner, also responded to his lover’s farewell, but didn’t reveal much about the future either.

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