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What's illegal offline is also illegal online: EU Council approves Digital Services Act - Internet

What’s illegal offline is also illegal online: EU Council approves Digital Services Act – Internet

The Council of the European Union today reached an agreement on Proposed Digital Markets Law (DMA) as well as the Digital Services Act (DSA). One of the goals of this second proposal for legislation is to keep users safe from illegal content, services, and goods, protect their basic rights online and update part of the 2000 E-Commerce Investigator.

as with the Council of the European UnionThe rules established by the DSA are designed to expand and clarify a set of common responsibilities for online businesses providing services in the European Union.

The proposal follows the principle that what is illegal outside of the Internet must also be illegal in the online world, and defines responsibilities for those who provide intermediary services, such as social networks and marketplaces. The proposed rules are designed to apply “tighter” measures to larger services that have a greater impact on society.

As with the DMA proposal, the agreement also provides for some changes to the original DSA text, including:

  • The text goes on to clarify and emphasize the measures taken under the DSA;
  • The proposal explicitly includes Internet search engines;
  • The text presents measures aimed at providing greater protection for minor users on the Internet;
  • Added more detailed commitments for large online marketplaces, search engines and platforms;
  • The text extends the obligation to notify suspected crimes for all hosting services, not just online platforms;
  • The proposal goes on to suggest that national authorities can issue orders about illegal online content directly to service providers, who are obligated to keep authorities informed.
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Currently, the DSA proposal will only be voted on by MEPs at a future meeting, which is expected to take place in 2022. The European Commission’s assessment is that the new set of rules will be in place by the middle of next year, given the time needed for negotiations.

Remember that along with DSA, DMA aims to regulate online platforms that provide services such as search, social networking or mediation, which are seen as “gatekeepers”. With this proposal, the ministers intend to create a level playing field in the digital sector, with clear rights and obligations for the big internet platforms.

To the “green light” given today Follow a certain one on Tuesday By the European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, this will be followed by the approval of the European Assembly’s plenary session expected in December.