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WhatsApp desktop privacidade novidade configurações

WhatsApp for desktop is also receiving an important new feature

Firmly and resolutely, WhatsApp has been delivering the news in many areas, especially in mobile applications meant for smartphones. They didn’t have the exclusive, but that’s where the messaging service bet the most.

The latest discovery now shows that the desktop version is also receiving new features and being improved for users. These are significant improvements that bring this version closer to what WhatsApp offers users on smartphones.

Although it was not the target of many improvements, the desktop and browser version received a novelty not so long ago. Now they can work independently and without the need to connect to a smartphone, even in beta and test versions.

NS Version 2.2143.2 From WhatsApp to the desktop, the scenario has changed again, making it more exciting for users and what they communicate with. At the same time, it also guarantees greater security in communications.

What we're talking about is the new area dedicated to privacy, now available for testing. As always, after maturity and seeing any issues resolved, it will be expanded to all users globally.

In this new part of the settings we now find options such as visibility, access to a user's photo or message read receipts. In practice, this is a clone of part of what we already find in smartphones.

granny settings for whatsapp privacy desktop

Something expected and not present is the ability to sync these settings with other user devices. It doesn't make sense that this information varies between different devices, so there are inconsistent settings.

There are still no dates or expectations for the release of this new feature for users. However, you should soon abandon beta testing as it currently exists and will be expanded to everyone, so they have more privacy, even in the desktop version.

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