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WhatsApp is already working on the functionality that users request most

WhatsApp is already working on the functionality that users request most

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Day by day WhatsApp continues to renew itself. Proof of this is the latest functionality that is already being tested.


  • Used by more than two billion people around the world, WhatsApp is constantly updated;
  • After the joint decision with Google that backups would start consuming space on Drive, many users “suffered” from a lack of storage space;
  • As such, the messaging platform has already started taking measures and is preparing to implement a new function: “Manage Transfers.”

Hey WhatsApp Introduces a new feature that allows you to quickly delete both voice messages (Audios) like other files. All with a simple touch. Hence the application Goal It develops a tool to manage transfers, thus improving the user experience by freeing up space without much effort.

File overload on WhatsApp can become a serious problem, especially now that backups are taking up space on Google Drive. So, to solve this problem, WhatsApp is working on a new feature. Always according to insiders AssembleDebug“New job”Transfer management” In the department tools It will make it easy to delete unnecessary content with just one click.

What are the changes to WhatsApp?

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This new function will allow you to get rid of different types of mass transfers, and it is perfect for it Users who have little space on their mobile phone or Google Drive. Even if you still have a lot of space on your smartphone, this update is definitely still useful because it will allow you to keep everything more organized. As of now, there is no date for the arrival of this tool.

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However, it will likely be made available soon as it is something that is highly requested by users, especially after the backup issue. Currently, the new functionality is in the testing phase and is therefore not available to everyone. However, we warn you that it is important to update your WhatsApp app to take advantage of new features and security improvements as soon as they are released.

Do you agree that it is an important measure?