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WhatsApp is rolling out a new unique personalization layer in the iOS version

WhatsApp is rolling out a new unique personalization layer in the iOS version

It seems that the WhatsApp and Meta developer team are committed to changing the interface of this service. Changes have already been seen in the mobile applications that we can use on smartphones, and now it seems that new changes are on the way. It's for the iOS version and will allow a unique customization layer and will arrive soon.

More customization for iOS version

In the batch of improvements launched for WhatsApp, some of them are pretty obvious and focus on the interface and ease of use of this messaging service's apps. In addition to the colors used, there is also an arrangement of the different options, making them more accessible and easy to use.

If the majority focuses on the Android version, the truth is that the version for iOS has not been forgotten either and has received important changes. To further complement these changes, a new change has now been prepared and will give you the unique freedom to customize this release even further.

WhatsApp may see a color change

From what was revealed, we are talking about the ability for the user to choose the color he wants to apply to most of the interface elements of the version customized for Android. The usage will be simple and easily accessible to the users. Simply choose the color you want and it will be applied instantly.

It's interesting to see the path the iOS version of WhatsApp now seems to be following. This change will provide unique customization, but it goes against everything that has been seen in the interface change created for Android, based on the green and white colors that iOS has used for a long time.

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The Android version should have new features later

Interestingly, and After revealing this newsMany users expressed their dissatisfaction. Many of them responded to this post explaining that they were unhappy with many of the changes that had already been implemented and with the setbacks that were implemented in some cases during development.

Regardless of whether it is more attractive or not, the fact is that this new feature will be available soon, at least on iOS, and no date has been set yet. As for the Android version, it will eventually be developed and submitted for evaluation and made available to everyone with the same customization ability.