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Whatsapp: The function released may be the end of many relationships

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The intent of the new job is to give people the opportunity to correct texts with errors. (Photo: publicity)

Love relationships, no matter how strong, always end with challenges that test each person’s willingness to stay together with the other. And in the digital age, the use of social media and messaging apps, like WhatsApp, for example, can change the dynamics between couples.

And that could soon change! According to the WABetaInfo portal specialized in WhatsApp news, the application is a function that allows you to edit messages that have already been sent. It’s not hard to imagine, in an argument between spouses, how big the disagreement is to find out who’s right, is it?!

Tests of the new functionality have already begun for some users of WhatsApp Beta, a version in development with new functionality, available to some people.

The goal of the new job is to give people the opportunity to correct incorrectly written texts or misinformation later, so that it can make a positive difference in everyday life.

The main problem is that it is not yet known how long it will be possible to modify the message after it has been sent; It can become something controversial and “turn into a mess” if it is not regulated, that is, if there is no time limit. If that limit didn’t exist, it would be very easy to “fraud” a conversation, changing any element to favor a particular narrative.

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This can lead to mistrust between spouses, but it can also create problems for companies if there is no time limit; Someone might act in bad faith and alter the value of something in a conversation to gain an undeserved advantage.

According to the site, the modified message will be marked with the word “editor” next to the receipt and read time, so fake messages will definitely be less problematic.

screen’s lock

Another feature that is being tested and that is already on other social networks like Instagram and Snapchat is blocking screenshots in single-view photos and videos, which was released in August of this year.

With the update, when someone tries to capture media sent in this format, only a black screen image is displayed. The function prevents the image or video from being saved by the screen recorder. But it doesn’t stop there: other actions remain impossible in this type of single view file, such as sharing or saving to gallery.

It is worth noting that for temporary chats, prints can still be done normally, being a function that provides security for users’ privacy.

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in Brazil. According to a survey by Datareportal, there are more than 165 million accounts in the country. The messenger receives constant updates to stay on top of users’ preferences.