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WhatsApp will remove the options for those who do not accept the update

WhatsApp will remove the options for those who do not accept the update

a The WhatsApp Updated a Of its own The customer support page states that “no account will be deleted or lost functionality” at the next account launch Update. The company decided ‘Pressure relief Regarding the new privacy policy, however, this does not mean that it will be abandoned.

a The WhatsApp He continues to expect users to accept the new privacy policy in the coming weeks, pointing at Customer support page referenced You can expect some changes.

“After a period of several weeks, the warning that people receive will eventually become more urgent.”, Can be read on The WhatsAppWhere you can also read what users can rely on Limited Features.

a The WhatsApp It states that after a few weeks that will not be possible “Access to the chat list”And after some time that won’t be possible either Receive calls or notifications The WhatsApp It will no longer send messages and calls to Mobile phone.

This change is in the privacy policy of The WhatsApp Huge controversy, especially due to concerns that the company will start sharing in-app conversations with The social networking site Facebook. However, Mark Company Zuckerberg Already explained this Update It will not allow access to messages or Geolocation Of users.

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