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WhatsApp without a mobile number?  News soon

WhatsApp without a mobile number? News soon

The application will work without the user needing a mobile phone line. (photo: clone)

WhatsApp is testing a new system that no longer relies on a mobile phone number for the app to work. If the idea works, those who normally make calls won’t need the contact’s cell phone to make a call. The news was revealed by WABetainfo, a page that usually introduces the changes to WhatsApp directly.

What changes in WhatsApp

Now, Meta messenger will adopt name search system and no longer by phone number. Similar format to Instagram and Messenger.

Users will contact others using a unique name (such as “@”). This profile name will be used to receive and contact you. Practically speaking, when someone wants to contact you, you just have to search for your username. Rival Telegram already has the same feature.

When will the news arrive?

According to the information on the page, the tool is not yet available for its estimated release time for everyone. As usual, the new functionality arrives first for the beta version of the app and it takes some time to be released to all WhatsApp users.

It is also not clear whether the platform will continue to ask for the phone number to perform the first login to the messenger or not.

WhatsApp tests to share on iPhone

WhatsApp also recently released an update to the beta app on iOS that adds a screen sharing feature in video calls.

How it works

The option is available in version in WhatsApp Beta for iOS. The feature is similar to that of other apps, such as Messenger and Telegram, which have the option to share the screen in video calls.

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Main sales channel

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app, plays a major role in small business sales in Brazil. According to recent data, WhatsApp has established itself as the main sales channel for these companies, offering agile, efficient and clear communication with customers.

According to The Drum website, a large percentage of adults have expressed dissatisfaction with traditional forms of communication. A surprising 54% of reviewers say they find these traditional methods frustrating, and 72% of adults think waiting to speak with a company representative is a waste of time.

The increasing use of WhatsApp as a sales channel reflects the wide adoption of the application by Brazilians. With over 165 million internet users in the country, Brazil is the second largest market for WhatsApp in the world, behind only South Africa. According to a survey by Mobile Time and Opinion Box entitled “App Usage in Brazil”, WhatsApp is on the home screen of 55% of Brazilian smartphones.