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When a woman is appointed to the Maticnon, Edith Cresson greets her as "very brave"

When a woman is appointed to the Maticnon, Edith Cresson greets her as “very brave”

Edith Cresson, the only woman to hold this position, denounces the “masculinity” of the “political class.”

She is the only woman to hold this position. In 1991, Edith Cresson, appointed by Franசois Mitterrand, became the first female head of government for ten months. For more than thirty years, Emmanuel Macron has seemed inclined to hire a woman, but he warns in an interview. JDD :It is not a country of luxury: it is its political class.

Her experience obviously did not convince her. At the urging of the then Socialist president, during his second term, Edith Gresson agrees to settle in Mattignon. Who has already suffered four times as a ministerEvent Notes“If you find it”Everything has changed. ⁇These are the same attacks todayShe explains. They told me words I had never said before, they constantly criticized me, they said comments about my dress.“Added:”We will never allow the same opinions, the same opinions, in the behavior of politicians.

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“Naming a woman is like taking a risk”

Today, Mattignon’s former tenant is watching closely as the restructuring approaches. According to him, it is an inquiry whether a woman accepts these responsibilities.Slanderous“,”Because (question) the only country that arises is France“. Above all, he recalled that polls had already shown that there were Frenchmen in his time.Ready. ⁇I never had a small problem with the voters“, She says, before admitting it”For a president, appointing a woman is a risk.“Why? Because the post of Prime Minister”Very difficult“And”The difficulties are exacerbated by the fact that a woman is the head of government. ⁇Because the attacks further complicate the political environment.

Edith Cresson did not give the suitcase to the next person in Matignon. “No advice“But one caveat is satisfied:”It will take a lot of courage.

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