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Where are the teens of the 2000s?

Where are the teens of the 2000s?

“Oh my God, I can't stand these high heels anymore,” Iarraci told us, who, like all the Brazilians in attendance, danced for six hours non-stop during the eternal carnival. With some joy, he took off his shoes and sat on one of the benches installed in the park to watch Nelly Furtado's arrival.

Nelly Furtado is a Portuguese-Canadian singer and songwriter, known for her musical diversity, from pop and R&B to elements of folk and Latin music. True to his roots, he entered in a skintight suit made from the patterns of pilgrims' scarves to sing “Say It Right.”

Furtado revisited his biggest hits, like “I'm Like a Bird,” “Decadent,” “Turn Out the Lights” and “Maneater,” as well as tracks from his most recent album. A delight for an audience full of everyone who was teenagers in the 2000s and has a vivid memory of their videos being shown on Cyclorama. “

Nelly Furtado also included a surprise, as Ana Moura entered to sing “Como uma Força”, the anthem of the UEFA Euro 2004. Nelly Furtado’s career was characterized by innovations and artistic explorations, and the concert was just a showcase of her successes, but a continuous journey through the musical development of an artist who is not afraid to reinvent. itself.

Bonbon to conclude the North Festival.

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