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Which brand has the highest number of recorded accidents?

Which brand has the highest number of recorded accidents?

The automotive sector is very developed. Nowadays, if we don’t have any major problems, the bus will last almost a lifetime. But there is one brand that is completely accident-prone. Find out which brand we’re talking about and what the obvious reason is.

BMW is the brand with the most accidents...

According to a study conducted by automotive data company carVertical, owning a BMW usually means problems. According to the information, about 64.7% of all German brand cars were involved in an accident.

Matas Bozlis, automotive expert and communications director at carVertical, says...

BMW is a highly sought-after car brand, but despite being a luxury brand, older, more affordable models are often purchased by young and inexperienced drivers. Moreover, according to insurance companies, BMW drivers are more likely to take risks while driving. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is at the top of the list of car brands that witness the highest number of damage incidents.

Behind BMW in this study are Dodge (67.2%), Tesla (65.15%), Hyundai (62.2%), and Subaru (59.6%).

Bozelis also mentions that...

It is quite normal for a car to have an accident every 5 years (which can also be related to the mileage). However, vehicles with multiple records of serious damage are often difficult to maintain. Surprisingly, carVertical discovered that the largest number of accidents this year involving a single vehicle was due to the Volkswagen Passat. This particular vehicle had as many as 32 instances of damage recorded in its report.

According to the study, Alfa Romeo suffers the least damage. According to the data, only 30.6% of all vehicles checked on carVertical were damaged. Fiat (30.8%), Land Rover (36%), Renault (39%), and Peugeot (40%) also came in last places.

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