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Energy flat ratio for 2022

Which measurement applies when – to whom

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9-Euro Ticket, Energy Flat Rate, Tank Discount: The 2022 relief package aims to bring many reliefs to the Germans. When will these come and to whom: An overview.

The Bremen-Ukraine war also turned Germany’s economy upside down. Inflation is at an all-time high and prices at some supermarkets are on the verge of exploding. An end? Slide in the eye. The additional financial burden also makes it difficult for consumers. So the federal government reacted and announced measures to provide relief. Under the heading Relief package 2022 Many citizens are now waiting for the announced support of the government.

Relief package 2022: any action when – to whom it applies

Many activities are on the list: fuel discount, energy price flat rate, baby bonus and many more. It has been clear since Wednesday (April 27) that they will be coming. In the cabinet, the traffic light government agreed to a billion euro relief package. Nevertheless, questions arise: what applies to whom now? And especially when? We summarize what is known.

Relief Package 2022: The Federal Government has announced these measures

Energy Flat Rate in 2022 Relief Package: When Will It Come and Who Will It Apply To?

What has been announced: Energy prices have also been rising sharply since the Ukraine war and the debate over oil and gas purchases from Russia and the suspension of the “Nord Stream 2” gas pipeline project. The Traffic Light Alliance agreed on an energy flat rate or an energy price flat rate of 300 euros. However, there is a drawback to paying: the amount of energy price flat rate is subject to tax.

To whom does the action apply: All salaried workers must receive money. So pensioners are exempt from this – an exception. If you have a midi job with a monthly salary of 450 to 1300 euros, retirees can also benefit from the energy allowance.

When it comes to measurement: The exact time has not yet been precisely defined. However, Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) announced in early April that the energy price flat rate would not be implemented until early June 2022. However, it may still take some time for the money to actually reach people’s accounts. Business and experts assume that the flat rate payment of energy prices will take place only with pay for the month of September.

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The energy flat rate for 2022 promises “rapid and noticeable relief”. Christian Lindner (FDP) expects this in June. ( சட்டசபை) © Michael Kappeler / Kay Nietfeld / dpa / imago

Bonus for children in the 2022 relief package: how much the bonus is and when it should come

What has been announced: The child bonus is an activity that was hotly debated before the Ukraine war and is now gaining momentum again as part of the relief package. As the cost of living rises, families with many children or families receiving social assistance find themselves in a precarious situation. So the government has announced that the Family Welfare Office will pay a one-time payment of 100 euros per child – in addition to child welfare. The bonus is offset against the child allowance.

To whom does the action apply: For all families with children. However, as the bonus is calculated towards the child allowance, the higher earners may or may not benefit from it at all. The situation is different for social assistance recipients and Hartz IV recipients, who receive a corona bonus, which is determined to be a one-time payment, which is doubled (see the paragraph “One-time assistance to recipients community benefits”).

When it comes to measurement: It has already been decided that she will come on March 25, 2022. It is also clear when the child bonus will be paid from April 27: According to the Cabinet decision of the Transport Lighting Government, families can count on cash by July 2022.

9 Euro ticket in 2022 relief package: who can use it – since when?

What has been announced: Is the price of fuel exploding? Then get on the train! This is what the federal government wants to promote to citizens – hence the so-called 9-euro ticket. From June 1, 9-euro tickets will be available for 90 days as a special discount on local public transport. This is valid for one month each for said public transport and regional transport – but not for long distance transport. Also: it is always valid for the month of purchase. If purchased in June, can be driven in June. New tickets are required in July. 27 euros for public transport for three months? Very cheap offer. Tickets are sold by local companies: online, at ticket machines, at the DP processor, or at the transport company’s customer center counter. In addition, pre-sales of 9 euro tickets should start before June and some transport associations have already announced pre-sale of 9 euro tickets in May.

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To whom does the action apply: In short: For everyone. Of course, this is primarily to temporarily relieve passengers from the cost pressure. But some may plan their summer trips based on the validity of the tickets.

When it comes to measurement: In the summer, 9 euro tickets should start on June 1st. Politicians said everything would be done to get the land level despite the indicated difficulties. However, due to the ambiguity in funding, the federal states recently threatened to boycott the 9 euro ticket. Source: According to the dpa, 9 euro tickets can be sold in advance in May.

Relief Pack Tank Discount from 2022: When Will It Come and Who Will Benefit

What has been announced: Once again about the rise in fuel prices, again the Transport Lighting Alliance considers it a measure to relieve the victims: the tank discount. However, there is a simple sound system behind the concept of benefits: it aims to reduce the energy tax on fuels such as petrol or diesel. It aims to reduce the price of petrol to less than 2 euros per liter and the price of diesel to 2 euros per liter. To be more precise: the price of petrol should be 30 cents less and the price of diesel 14 cents less per liter.

To whom does the action apply: In principle, of course, for all consumers. If you really want to feel the effects of the tank discount on your wallet, the set of fuel-powered wheels is definitely an advantage.

When it comes to measurement: Shortly after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, fuel prices soared. Therefore, frequent drivers hope for quick implementation. However, the tank discount has been around for a long time. As a measure of the relief package, the tank discount will not be introduced until June 1, 2022. As stated in it Weld Finance Minister Lindner has already declared that the plan cannot be implemented with legal certainty.

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Hartz IV: A one-time fee for social benefits recipients in the 2022 relief package: when will it arrive

What has been announced: It was already clear: due to the high burden of corona infection, Hartz IV recipients would have to pay once. At first it was 100 euros. After cabinet consultation on Wednesday (April 27), it is now clear that those on lower incomes will get more money. The one-time Corona charge for Hartz IV recipients will be doubled to யூ 200. This money is there to help reduce the increased cost of living a bit.

To whom does the action apply: Recipients of social benefits such as unemployment benefit II (Hartz IV).

When it comes to measurement: Unlike other activities in the 2022 relief package, no planned start date for a one-time payment from the relief package was initially known. But now it is clear: the additional corona bonus fee for Hartz IV recipients has been doubled to 200 euros, which will be paid in July 2022.

Relief package 2022: Cabinet agrees – what’s next?

The measures in the relief package were approved by the Cabinet on April 27. Next, the puntestock must agree with the puntestrod. Consumers in Germany are already facing some changes in May 2022, but the States Room will handle a nine-euro ticket on May 20, so they can apply by June 1. However, there may still be a controversy regarding public transport funding. Federal states are pushing for more money from the federal government as transportation companies face higher energy prices – beyond the expected revenue loss from a temporary reduction in ticket prices.

People in Germany really need to benefit from the relief package. However, this does not apply to all population groups. False individuals in particular benefit from the energy flat rate. And retirees will get almost nothing out of the 2022 relief package.