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"Which public figure would not like to see Jose died with her?"  Answers Isabella Valadero

“Which public figure would not like to see Jose died with her?” Answers Isabella Valadero

Isabella Valadero She was the last guest on the “Shut up” section of Mega Hits and she didn’t escape a question about her ex-boyfriend Jose Mata.

“I recently ended a three-year relationship with actor Jose Mata. What public figure would you not want him to be with, for not going to the ball in that person’s face?”Asked Ines Nogueira.

“You honestly know that I don’t have these things. As long as he’s happy… that’s all I want. But now I want it to be a little bomb, Zi Mata deserves a bomb.”In reply, he said: “I honestly don’t have anyone I wouldn’t like to see Ze Matta with.”.

Then the actress said: “José Mata, when he was dating me, was the hero of several prime-time TV series, I saw him kiss many beautiful women. Therefore, I want him to continue in that streak and no less.”.

“Has no one made you so confused? What if I were your best friend, like Mariana Monteiro?”They shot the announcer, and Isabella Valadero said: “That was weird. Ok I will say Mariana Montero.

“Do you want to be a mother?” Isabella Valladero answers Carolina Patruccino’s tough questions

Remember, Isabella Valadero and Jose Matta confirmed that they broke up at the beginning of July. It was a reasonable and peaceful ending and that’s okay. We are adults and life goes on.”said the actress at the time.

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