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Homesport"Whistles in Alvalade? I wish there was a festive atmosphere."

“Whistles in Alvalade? I wish there was a festive atmosphere.”

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The press conference ended

David Silva | 19 minutes ago

Now there is room to coach the national team.

Portugal is a candidate for Euro 2024?

David Silva | 19 minutes ago

Martinez: “In training and qualification, you need consistency. You always need to be at a high level to be able to win, to be a winning team. After that, we reach the final tournament, and we try to show everything we have in front of us. “The best in the world. We have individual quality but we need to grow step by step. In football, the most important thing is celebration. “Fans need a good match to create a good memory.”

Preparation games

David Silva | 22 minutes ago

Martinez: “Friendly matches are not matches in which there is a real reading of what could happen in the Euro. The matches in March are to prepare our team. The draw is important, so that we can prepare the matches in a tactically correct way. I don’t think so.” “I don’t think that in March, playing against the best teams helps you grow. In March, players face complicated situations with their clubs. The first goal, at that time, is to be as objective as possible.”

The goal is for CR7 to become the top scorer

David Silva | 25 minutes ago

Martinez: “Individual achievements only come as a team. You cannot try to achieve personal achievement in football without the team. Talent only helps win games. Tomorrow we need to be a team, with the ball, and have clear ideas. We would like to do that.” “To see a player top our scorers list, but that is not our goal.”

Possible sirens on Benfica players in Alvalade?

David Silva | 29 minutes ago

Martinez: “In the last match, it was a match with an amazing atmosphere. It was a match for the national team. The rivalry between clubs makes us better, but when the national team plays… I don’t think we will have any problems in the match.” “That’s the meaning of tomorrow. I would like to have a festive atmosphere, it would be amazing. Qualifying, the way we did, is worth it, no more possibilities.”

Tomorrow’s goalkeeper will be Diogo Costa

David Silva | 31 minutes ago

Martinez: “It is very important to have goalkeepers who train at the highest level, who have a good relationship and a lot of respect. We have three goalkeepers who are at a very high level. I think it is important for Jose Sa to be on the pitch,” he said, “to show that he does not stand still.” He is in the team because he has a high level. Playing against Liechtenstein and getting in a position to show he was ready was great. “Rui Patricio played very well in the first two matches. Diogo Costa will return as goalkeeper tomorrow.”

Rafael Guerrero’s conditions

David Silva | 34 minutes ago

Martinez: “The structure of football nowadays is based on how many players attack and how many defenders. We need to defend with eleven players. Against Liechtenstein, we first used Joao Felix, then Bromma, to play outside. “A player like Rafael Guerrero can do that, but he needs To balance the structure. We don’t need a left-handed player to play on the left. We need good communication and defensive structure to attack then. Guerrero is ready, but not to play ninety minutes.

the secret of success

David Silva | 37 minutes ago

Martinez: “What’s important is to have individual commitment with superior individual talent and play within a team structure. That’s what we’ve done in the last nine games… It’s not easy to be a team that wins constantly. It’s hard to maintain that.” Because there are always injuries and setbacks.”

Game preview

David Silva | 39 minutes ago

Martinez: “The first goal is important. It only ends in victories. It is important and historic. Playing against Liechtenstein was an opportunity to communicate and discipline tactically with many attacking players. It is the hardest thing ever. It is probably the same during the World Cup.” “In the European Championship, there are situations in ten or fifteen minutes where it is necessary. I really liked the behavior of the players. Tomorrow, the match will be different. Iceland is a very objective team, controlling the match directly. It will be a match of a match that requires new skills on the pitch.” “We will make decisions after the last training session today in order to include new players.”

Bruno leaves, Roberto Martinez starts

David Silva | 44 minutes ago

Now the national coach is the one answering the questions.

Bruno’s personal income

David Silva | 44 minutes ago

Bruno Fernandes: “I am satisfied with the individual level, and I do not deny that I like to score goals. I like to provide assists, this is undeniable, every player wants to participate in the goals. I have players in the attacking line who are of great quality, which “makes it easy for me to serve.” . There are great players next to me. The good thing about the national team is to never be satisfied, and always improve.”

Preference for Portugal

David Silva | 46 minutes ago

Bruno Fernandes: “Being favorites on paper does not always guarantee matches and championships. We have the biggest case of this – the 2016 European Championship – where we were not favorites from start to finish. And we arrived in Portugal as European champions. Our focus should be on us, we are the Portuguese national team and we have a lot of the quality. Our focus and discipline must be at the max. Against Liechtenstein it was very difficult, they had a lot of men behind the ball, it was difficult. “Scoring goals. We thought we had achieved a greater result, but we did not achieve it.”

Covid Saudi Arabia

David Silva | 49 minutes ago

Bruno Fernandes: “I’ve already answered that question. Obviously for a player to be wanted is a good thing. No matter the league or the club, it’s always a good thing. But my focus is entirely on the national team and on Manchester United. “Happy where I am, regardless About the moments I can be there. In the national team we have had a very good moment so far, and in Manchester it was not as we wanted. But I’m happy. I don’t think in the long term. I think a lot in the short term. Thank God I have matches every three days and my focus does not deviate from the matches. I don’t look much at rumors. I never wanted to. Until the moment something comes to me, I or The club, the manager or the coach, who says to me: “You have this offer”…

Guaranteed ownership so far

David Silva | 53 minutes ago

Bruno Fernades: “Everyone wants to play, to be a starter, to have as many minutes as possible. I’m flattered and happy that I’ve always played so far. I also hope to play tomorrow… [risos]. It is up to the manager to decide. Overall, the qualification was very good. In some matches, we were not what we wanted to be. I wouldn’t say some games, but some parts of the games. “It’s part of the things we need to improve so that when we get to the European Championships, we can learn from the mistakes we made.”

Portugal only with victories

David Silva | 55 minutes ago

Bruno Fernandes: “It represents that we have great quality. We gave an excellent performance and we want to finish tomorrow in the best possible way. At the same time, as I mentioned, we started from scratch. Everyone starts from scratch. Since the beginning of the year.” “The European Championship, a new stage of the qualifiers. You have to understand what it takes to reach the end of the European Championship. Obviously it will be different than playing in the qualifiers. Our attention to detail and details will always be the same.”

Whistling due to club competitions

David Silva | 58 minutes ago

Bruno Fernandes: “I spoke about this after the match at the Estádio do Dragão. Because it was expected that people would boo Joao Neves or Felix. That did not happen. We represent the national team and we are all moving in the same direction. He left the club “regardless of the shirts that represent the choice. My appeal is always the same: come, support us and help us.”

Quality Joao Neves

David Silva | 1 hour ago

Bruno Fernandes: “Joao Neves has a lot of quality and a big margin of progress. In addition to the margin of progress, he is a very humble player, very hardworking and a good listener. He has unbelievable talent for his age. He has a lot of talent.” Being able to read the game.”

The press conference will begin

David Silva | 1 hour ago

Bruno Fernandes will speak to reporters, alongside Roberto Martinez, at Cidade do Futebol.

The press conference was delayed

David Silva | 1 hour ago

The question and answer session was scheduled for 7:15pm but is now at least 15 minutes late.

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