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Who are the 30 guests who will attend Philip's funeral?  - Foreman

Who are the 30 guests who will attend Philip’s funeral? – Foreman

Although Philip did not choose to hold a state funeral, plans for funeral ceremonies have undergone major changes in the wake of the pandemic. The long drawn list initially predicts around 800 guests, an impressive number that would fill S. Jorge Church in Windsor Castle, the same list that hosted the media wedding of Harry and Meghan Markle in 2018. Less than a week before funeral speculation understood Who are the 30 guests, after all, who will attend the private and limited event, scheduled for Saturday, April 17th, starting at 3 PM. This will be one of the most difficult decisions the Queen will have to make shortly after the disappearance of her husband, who passed away last Friday at the age of 99.

a second Oh Telegraph, Second Isabel He will be accompanied by senior family members, including CarlosThe Prince of Wales and the woman, Camila. Carlos is expected to read a memorial speech at Saturday’s event. The shortlist also includes the names of Philip’s three other children: AndreThe Duke of York who has given up public life yet scandal Connecting you to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, EduardoAnd the Count of Wessex, It’s when Princess I. Anna’s husband, Vice Admiral Timothy LawrenceAnd Eduardo’s wife, SophiaCountess of Wessex, is also part of the royal entourage.

More sure is there William Based on Kate, Be Harry It landed on British soil on Sunday afternoon and is now in protective isolation so that he can finally bid farewell to his grandfather, “the legend of barbecuing and playing,” as he described it in the statement released earlier this week. Megan Markle will stay at her home in Montecito, USA, where she has been advised not to travel due to an advanced pregnancy condition – the former actress is pregnant for the second time and is now a girl due to be born in the summer of 2021. Harry’s reunion with the rest of the family will definitely be a milestone in The occasion, given the controversial interview Sussex gave to Oprah Winfrey.

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Philip’s remaining descendants – Peter PhillipsAnd the Zara Tindall And husband Mike, Sisters Beatrice e EugenieAs well as their husbands and children of Eduardo, Louise Windor e James, Viscount Severn – It is also expected on Saturday. Mrs. Pamela HicksPhilip, cousin, would be able to attend the funeral and even Penelope KnatchballCountess of Mountbatten from Burma, a close friend of the Duke of Edinburgh.

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Opinions differ in the British press when it comes to the Queen’s cousins. The Times, for example, Pressures It is unlikely that Dukes of KentOh Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, You are Dukes of Gloucester It’s when Princess AlexandraGranddaughter, Jorge V, make your presence known. The Telegraph Not rule out These names are from a list not yet fully known and are betting on Princess Margaret’s children – Earl of Snowdon e Mrs. Sarah Chateaux – Not forgetting Philip’s private secretary, Archie Miller Bakewell. Admiral Tony Radakin A senior officer in the Royal Navy, where Philip served, may also be present.

Even more certain is the absence of the children of the three Dukes of Cambridge – George, aged seven, Charlotte, aged five, and Louis, aged three, on April 23. William and Kate were extremely protective of their children, trying to keep them out of the public eye and the pressures of royalty during their childhood. Evening standard, for example, stand out That the grandchildren of Isabel II, under the age of 10, must stay at the house as the event will be broadcast on TV.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had made it clear earlier that he would not attend the funeral on Saturday, preferring to relinquish his place to the family and friends of the Duke, who died peacefully at the age of 99. Accordingly With the BBC, the 30 guests will respect the safety distances dictated by the pandemic and must wear masks. People who will carry the sarcophagus and members of the clergy are not on the restricted guest list.

The church where the last farewell will be made will not be open to the public and mourners must pay the necessary tribute online. Philip has been the longest serving royal companion in the history of the British monarchy and has stood by Queen Elizabeth II for more than 70 years. He passed away a few months before reaching his 100th birthday in June.