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Who did Michniewicz miss?  Eight names on the list of missing Polish team

Who did Michniewicz miss? Eight names on the list of missing Polish team

Five goalkeepers and five forwards, and four players for left and right defense. Czesław Michniewicz has never fielded such a big team, but during his tenure, when about 40 players appeared in the training camp of the Polish national team, this may have been the only situation. What is the selector’s plan? – We will [tę liczbę – przyp. red.] Every training camp is declining, because the next round of the League of Nations is in September, and then we will invite the lowest number of players. Well, then in November, the World Championship goal team – Michniewicz said a few days ago.

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Absence of Czesław Michniewicz in the training camp of the Polish national team. Who is missing?

There was room for three debutants (Camille Pestka – Krakowia defender; Gabriel Slonina – Chicago fire goalkeeper; Jacques Kiwi – Specia Calcio defender), but with the others, Messi Ribus and Arcadius Reka were left out. Were subsequently selected by previous selectors. Who will be missing from the next training camp of the Polish national team?

  • Maciej Rybus (Locomotive Moscow, 66 matches, 2 goals and 14 assists in the national team)

– He is ending his contract with the locomotive and has an opportunity to extend it, but he has other concessions from Russia and other leagues. It was a tough time for him. It could eventually stay in Russia, which is why we wanted to avoid the chaos that could ensue – Czesław Michniewicz said of Rybus’ situation. Defender’s contract expires at the end of the current season. The 32-year-old manager wanted to avoid a situation where he was not properly focused on training or sports because he was thinking about his future. Rybus had already said it would be difficult to make the decision to leave Russia because of his family from there. The footballer has been playing in the Russian league since 2012.

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We remind you that this will be the third training camp in a row, during which Maciej Rybus will disappear. In October, an injury knocked him out of his presence. During the March meeting where Poles won the promotion to the 2022 World Cup, he was blocked by the corona virus.

  • Arkadiusz Reca (15 matches in the national team, 1 assist)

Arcadius Rega made his debut for the Polish national team in September 2018, during the tenure of Jersey Brezek. Wisła Kraków’s current coach Spezia Calcio continues to bet on the player. When Palo Sosa took over in January 2021, Rekha spent only 82 minutes on the pitch. At Czesław Michniewicz he returned to the staff. The 26-year-old played in a friendly against Scotland (1-1 on March 24). – He will clean the knee, so he will not be at our disposal in June – said Michniewicz a few days ago. In his absence Kamil Pestka got the chance.

  • Cockpar Kozlovsky (5 matches for the national team, 3 assists)

He was the youngest player at last year’s European Championships and a different mission is planned for him in the coming weeks. Kacper Kozłowski, who will play on loan at the Royal Union Saint-Gilloise until the end of this season, will not appear at the first Polish national team training camp as he has been called up to the U-21 squad. Maciej Stolarczyk’s team will play against San Marino on June 2 and against Germany on June 7. These will be key meetings in the fight to participate in the 2023 European Championships.

  • Kamil Pitkovsky (3 matches in the national team, 1 assist)
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The case of Kamil Pitkovsky is similar to the case of Kokbar Kozlovsky. Red Bull Salzburg defender named in Poland U-21 national team However, the 21-year-old turned out that he would not even play on the youth team. He was not injured in the presence. Pitkovsky made his national team debut during Sousa’s tenure, and then he played in three tournaments. A dozen or so days ago, he celebrated winning the double crown. RB won the Salzburg Championship and the Austrian Cup.

  • Sebastian Kovalsik (0 matches national team)

At the same time as Kokbar Kozlovsky he received a call from Paolo Sosa. – This is my dream, goal and I strive to play for the national team – he said after the list was announced in March 2021. But to date he has not been introduced to it. Nevertheless, Sebastian Kovalsik remains one of the key players in Bogon Sessin. In the current season, he has played in 30 games in the league, in which he has scored six goals and recorded four assists.

  • Michał Helik (7 matches, 1 assist in the national team)

– Michał Helik was further injured and will return to Poland for treatment – said the 26-year-old coach. However, center-back problems can start in the national team environment. FC Barnsley have been relegated to League One this season, much like Derby County where Christian Felick played. – I told him he would not go to the World Cup from the third tier in England. He wants to play in the high league – Czesław Michniewicz played with the midfielder. The same thing applies with helix.

  • Pave Davitovich (8 matches in the national team)
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Paweł Dawidowicz feels fine after the ligaments in his right knee ruptured, but “he’s not 100% ready yet”. The footballer started training with the team in the second half of April and was able to play against Torino. Czesław Michniewicz Hellos decided not to appoint a player from Verona, he told the player.

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  • Bardos Solomon (10 matches in national team, 1 assist)

Bardos Solomon also lost the fight over time. – He needs to recover – Michniewicz said about his condition. Lech Poznań’s defender came out on top in a friendly against Scotland and at the end of the first half he slipped on wet grass during a fight with his opponent. He suffered a hamstring injury that left him out of the game at the end of the season. The last game for the Polish national team was almost historic for him as he returned to the national team after a gap of six years.