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Who is Agnes Pannier-Runacher, Minister for Energy Change?

Who is Agnes Pannier-Runacher, Minister for Energy Change?

Like him, like him, broken in public and private, like him the first steps in the government in Percy. He was promoted to Minister of Energy Change this Friday. Agnes Pannier-Runacher An early supporter of Emmanuel Macron. The 48-year-old financial analyst entered the government in October 2018 as Secretary of State for Economics in a very sensible process.

In the industry in which he was then in charge of the Costex government, he had to manage the devastation of industrial closures, while initiating green and carbon-free re-industrialization, with the help of the recovery plan and under the Aegis of Bruno Le Myrne. Very thorny files on his desk, mild discourse Social conflicts going up to Percy.

From refurbishing automobile foundries to reclaiming Ascoville, this pure Parisian had the opportunity to tour France, which remains unprofessional after the “yellow underwear” crisis. “She immediately showed herself to be a winner,” one witness explained of her first steps in the ministry. Struggling to boot a French production of vaccines during infectionsFrom 2003 to 2006 he was the General Manager General of Assistance Public-Hopitax de Paris, a department he frequently visited.

A follower of “Start-up Nation”, he is also involved in “Made in France”. By shifting the levels of production lines, from rubber boots to paracetamol, he encouraged women to take responsibility for science, industry and above all wherever he went. “She is certainly talented, but she has no political fiber, no incarnation,” a left-wing elected official commented, blaming him for his coolness in managing factory closures.

Graduated in HEC and Science Bachelor

His enthusiasm for the “magic” of the industry was ridiculed, considered vile or naive. But during about 300 visits to industrial sites, Agnes Pannier-Runacher used himself to make people forget about techno and his image. Good student of beautiful surroundings Who read the answers written by his services before the representatives of the National Assembly. On TV sets, she goes into “conflict” with some trade unionists. In March 2021, he was shouted at by protesters in Rhodes. “I want to see eye to eye with you,” she replied.

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His first election attempt failed on the LaREM list of the 16th Aaronism of Paris. In the coming legislative elections, he would have wanted to face a national rally in the lens where people turned to the RN side, in the minefield of the Pass-de-Calais. But in the end it was his deputy. Nicholas Base, A former PS associate from the department where they formed a mixed family, he will lead the war. However, he announced his intention to build a coalition there to extend “his commitment to the sector”.

A graduate of HEC and the Sciences Bow, she is the mother of three children who are involved in Loremine’s left-wing territory and development, and stands apart from her former government colleagues by working in the private sector for a long time. He moved to automotive supplier Faurecia in 2011 before becoming the Deputy CEO of Compagnie des Alpes, the world leader in the operation of ski areas from 2013 to 2018.

He has also served as Deputy Director of Finance and Strategy for the public group Caisse des dépôts and was a member of the Board of Directors of the BpiFrance Strategic Investment Fund.

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