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Who is Pedro Rall?  ::

Who is Pedro Rall? ::

* By Andréia Araújo

He was born in Porto Alegre 25 years ago. He started playing football at a young age, but only now they noticed him. We are talking about the Brazilian striker, Pedro Raul, who once played for the Vitoria B team.

Let’s start at the end. Pedro Raul is, for the time being, the spearhead of the service in Goiás commanded by Jair Ventura. With field mobility and an excellent sense of positioningPedro Raul has been in the spotlight since his return to Brazil, especially this season playing for a team emerald. In 39 matches, the 25-year-old Brazilian has scored 21 goals – 14 in Brazil – and he is a Brazilian championship top scorer.

Now, let’s go back to the beginning. In the perfect time to move up to the first level, Pedro Raúl joined Cruzeiro-RS and played… only two games. Despite this, he has already held the status of being a good player with great potential. From here he came to Portugal through the gates Team Vitoria SCB.

Through Guimarães territory, the pass was discreet. He played 24 matches, between 2017 and 2019, but scored only four goals, which made his participation in the team end early. In the second season of Vitoria, Pedro Raul returned to Brazil on loan and Atlético Guianins are starting to gain attention.

At that time, he was the chief locomotive red black He made it clear that he was interested in keeping the player in the team and that’s what happened. The striker represented the club until 2020, scoring 12 goals in 47 matches and winning the Campionato Goiano. It felt like a harbinger of what would happen these days..

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After Atlético Goianense, Pedro Raúl moved to Botafogo, where the numbers left nothing to be desired and showed that he needed higher flights. In 39 matches he scored (again) 12 goals and ended the season in Brazil.

Currently, she has The contract is valid until 2024 with Kashiwa Resol From Japan, after a move of 1.65 million euros – in which he played only 11 matches on loan. He played seven matches in Mexico, representing Juarez, and is now Goiás’ top scorer. He is going through the best moment of his career. We’ll see if he takes the path to the end. In Portugal no one noticed.