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Who is Pedro Teixeira hanging out with after his breakup with Sara Matos?  Details of the dispute – Watani

Who is Pedro Teixeira hanging out with after his breakup with Sara Matos? Details of the dispute – Watani

The separation of Pedro Teixeira and Sara Matos became official on June 26, after TV Guia reported problems in the relationship between the actors. Pedro and Sara issued a statement and left half the world surprised and torn apart.

“The last few years have been a journey of love, companionship, complicity and sharing. Manuel's journey was the result of our love. Sarah and I decided that we would always be together in the good we want for each other but essentially in our son's life,” they wrote at the time, trying to put an end to the rumors.

But without success. In the following days, many rumors spread that Pedro Teixeira had another partner… and this was allegedly one of the reasons for the breakup. On the SIC red carpet, Liliana Campos said: “What I heard was, ‘He who does one thing does another,’ and I even heard names of people he might have been with.” The presenter revealed.

Sinha Jardim also commented on TVI, claiming that he has already heard rumours. “See, from all the “gossip” I heard, I didn't think anything of it. I heard little things here, little things there, and I thought that when the little things exploded, they exploded. But I think they made a nice couple, had a son and we were hoping it was all just behind-the-scenes gossip and nothing would come to fruition.”he said on Queluz de Baixo.

Pedro and Sara's breakup has been the subject of enormous scrutiny, with many theories put forward. From cheating to exhaustion. Perhaps it was excessive work that weakened the relationship, especially since both Sarah and Pedro talked about this issue, although neither of them directly admitted that it was the reason for the estrangement. What is certain is that after all these months, the fact is that neither Pedro Teixeira nor Sara Matos were seen in situations that would lead to suspicion that they had someone else. Pedro was the target of many suspicions, but it never went beyond that.

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