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Who is the SC researcher who received the National Science, Technology and Innovation Award

Who is the SC researcher who received the National Science, Technology and Innovation Award

The UFSC professor's work has been recognized as an Outstanding Researcher, in the Exact Sciences subcategory (Photo: Divulgação, Kennedy Barros, Confap)

The work developed by PhD professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Regina de Fátima Peralta Muniz Moreira, won second place in the “Outstanding Researcher” category, subcategory “Exact Sciences”, at Confap Science, Technology and Innovation. Prize – Professor Joanna Dobreiner. The 2023 award ceremony was held on Wednesday (13) in Brasilia.

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The researcher received the award during the opening ceremony of the 63rd National Forum of Consecti & Confap. The award aims to select researchers who contribute to the development of science, technology and innovation (CTI) and communications professionals who work in the dissemination of CTI.

Regina confirms that receiving the award reminded her of moments in her career and the people who contributed to the development of her work. According to her, it was an honor to be nominated by UFSC, where she works as a professor and researcher, and to be selected by Fapesc among the many highly qualified professionals working in Santa Catarina.

— Receiving this honor is very exciting for any professional who has been working in the field of science and technology for many years. Reaching the final ceremony and taking second place really makes me think about my entire career, all the difficulties, all the successes, the many people who have passed through my laboratory, and all the students who have contributed to my work – says the teacher.

Regina also stresses the importance of receiving this award as a researcher:

—I can't help but mention that, as a representative of women in science, I feel even more honoured. It gives me great pleasure to be able to share this victory with other researchers.


Regina holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the State University of Maringá, a MSc and PhD in Chemistry from UFSC and a postdoctoral degree from the University of Porto in Portugal. She currently works as a professor and researcher in the Chemical Engineering graduate program at UFSC.

The award-winning professor has experience in the field of chemical engineering, with a focus on waste treatments and utilization and the application of nanotechnology processes, and works mainly on the following topics: effluent treatment, adsorption, advanced oxidation processes and heterogeneous catalysis.

*Under the supervision of Andrea da Luz

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