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Who is the woman who knows all the secrets of Cristina Ferreira and gives her the pampering she needs?  We show... - my country

Who is the woman who knows all the secrets of Cristina Ferreira and gives her the pampering she needs? We show… – my country

Two months ago, as a joke, Catarina Duarte, the friend that Christina Ferreira calls “sister”He posted on his professional Instagram page a picture next to Director of Entertainment and Fantasy at TVI He commented, “We just came to do the laundry.” Here we are again” [aqui vamos nós outra vez]. We have a busy summer ahead.”

Blogger and former travel reporter Whom Christina met in 2004 in the halls of TVI, when they were taking their first steps on television, he befriended the future star who proved to be bulletproof. In September 2017, when Catarina Duarte decided to slow down in the press and devote herself to luxury travel with extraordinary experiences, Christina Ferreira already advised her friend when choosing the best holiday destinations, beach or snow holidays.

Today, the journalist ensures the travel pages of “Christina” magazine, but He runs his own company and his “sister” is the chief ambassadoralbeit unofficially, as it appears that they are not business partners.

dreams come true

Two years ago, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cristina Ferreira could only trust her friend as a partner to choose where to spend a few days off, and it was Catarina who organized everything for her. With the spread of the virus and the confinement of the country, Cristina, Catarina and Jorge Fradi settled in hotels between the Douro region and the Geres Natural Parkwhere they did not go unnoticed because they revealed everything on social networks.

Ex Olivia Ortiz returns to dream trips…with another company

At the time, in 2020, Catarina had already started her own luxury accommodation company, whose motto was ‘You dream, we plan’, but she made a small footstep, at the request of her friend Cristina Ferreira, as a travel reporter at ‘O Programa’. da Cristina’, the successful morning format created by the Malveira presenter, after her move to SIC, through which her former program “Você na TV”, co-hosted with Manuel Luís Goucha.

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The TVI presenter made use of her time to “relax” next to the people she has a great friendship with.

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