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Quem Quer Namorar Com O Agricultor, Aurelio Expulsa Pretendente

Who wants to date a farmer? Aurelio expels the suitor

In “Quem Quer Namorar com o Agriculture,” on SIC, on Sunday, July 18, Aurelio bid farewell to one of the suitors.

Aurelio was forced to expel the suitor from his farm. At the “Quem Quer Namorar com o Agriculture” program, this Sunday, the farmer announced his decision to the applicants.

The farmer’s suspicion was between Katya and Christiana. Leandra already knew that she would continue on the competitor’s farm from ‘Who wants to date a farmer?“.

“I do not regret anything about your invitation, about your choice and I will make the same decision again, because I enjoyed meeting you, but now I must make this decision.”, begins by saying Aurelio.

The farmer chose to expel Christiana from his farm. “I want to get to know Katya better… Regarding Christiana, our friendship already exists and that’s what I want with you”, she says.

The expelled suitor grieves for not continuing toWho wants to date a farmer?“. “I feel two completely different things, the first is the sadness of not continuing the program, and on the other hand I am very happy, I will go to Leiria and embrace the person I love unconditionally”Christiana confirms.

Aurelio also left a few words for the expelled suitor. “I hope you are very happy,” he concludes.

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