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"Who wants to live forever?"

“Who wants to live forever?”

A few days ago I attended a tribute concert to the Queen group, who in a wonderful voice Freddie Mercury asked her a lot “Who wants to live forever”, that is, “Who wants to live forever?”.
For the moment the question is merely rhetorical, death inevitably follows life, but it is indisputable that science has extended human life span and continues to extend it exponentially.

Based on available scientific knowledge, a study (published in 2021 in Nature Communications) that a person can last until 120-150 years, when the complete loss of his resilience, that is, the ability to recover in the face of adversity such as illness, injury or trauma, is expected. Extending life beyond this point requires suspending cellular aging, a goal that is not an impossible and illusory concern with the frantic R&D activity we are witnessing not only in anti-aging but also against death.