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Who will win Eurovision?  Find out all the songs that will compete in the final – Culture

Who will win Eurovision? Find out all the songs that will compete in the final – Culture

Yolanda will represent Portugal in the final of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held on Saturday in Malm.Hey, In Sweden. The theme “Grito” will compete in the final with songs from 25 countries.

In the semi-finals, 36 countries participated and 20 finalists were selected. In addition to the selected countries, there are the “Big Five” – ​​the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Italy – which have the right of direct passage to the final due to the financial contribution they make to organizing the event. The host nation, Sweden, also has a direct entry into the grand final as it was the winner of the last edition of the event.

The order of performances is already known and Portugal, on course for its second win, will be the 18th country to take to the stage. The festival begins with a show from Sweden, and Austria closes out the big night.

Find out the finalists and the 26 songs that will compete in the final:

1- Sweden: “Don’t Forget”, by Marcus and Martinus

2- Ukraine: “Teresa and Maria,” written by Alyona Alyona and Jerry Hill

3 – Germany: “Always on the Run,” by Isaac

4- Luxembourg: “Fighter,” by Talley

5- Netherlands: “Europaba,” written by Joost Klein

6- Israel: “The Hurricane,” written by Eden Golan

7 – Lithuania: “Loktilek”, by Sylvester Belt

8 – Spain: “Zora”, by Nebulosa

9 – Estonia: “(nendest) narkootikumidest hey tea me (küll) midagi,” by 5MIINUST x Puuluup

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10- Ireland: “Doomsday Blue,” by Bambi Thug

11 – Latvia: “Hollow”, by Dons

12- Greece: “Zari”, Marina Satti

13 – United Kingdom: “Vertigo,” by Olly Alexander

14 – Norway: “Ulviham”, by Gat

15 – Italy: “La Noya” by Angelina Mango

16 – Serbia: “Ramunda”, by Tia Dora

17- Finland: “There are no rules!”, by Windows95man

18 – Portugal: “Gritto”, written by Yolanda

19 – Armenia: “Jaco”, written by Ladaneva

20- Cyprus: “The Liar”, by Celia Kapsis

21- Switzerland: “The Code,” by Nemo

22 – Slovenia: “Veronica”, written by Raven

23 – Croatia: “Rem Tim Tag Dim”, for Baby Lasagna

24 – Georgia: “The Fireman,” by Notsa Bozaladze

25 – France: “Mon Amour”, by Suleiman

26- Austria: “We Will Be Delirious,” written by Kalin