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Why chocolate is so expensive this year

Why chocolate is so expensive this year

Mount Descombs Edited by Gauthier Telomas

Easter celebrations will take place this weekend, with chocolate blocks in all its forms. If you have ever been shopping in the store, you may have noticed that the prices of some chocolate items are high. The rise in prices is due to rising commodity prices and rising energy prices.

This is the moment that all sorts of chocolate lovers have been waiting for. Easter weekend begins, and to enjoy it, you have to spend more. If you have been shopping before, you may have noticed that some chocolates are more expensive this year. Blame rising commodities and energy prices. The chocolate industry has not really escaped the event that affects all economic sectors.

With the rise in commodity prices, cocoa prices have risen since this week. But, above all, there is the price of the card used for packaging, which has increased by 50% in the last six months. So some chocolates are starting to send these increases in stores, while others are cutting their margins.

Small businesses are forced to cut their margins

According to Frederick Sambo, president of the Association of Chocolate Confectioners, rising energy prices are a major concern for the industry. “In the short term, and probably in the medium term, we are waiting to see if the situation will improve under these conditions,” he explains on Europe 1’s microphone. “We are cutting the margins, we are doing it,” the federation president added.

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The situation “still depends on a number of factors, depending on the size of the company. But some have even seen their energy contract triple, even six times. It’s too big to see the price for a company the size of VSE-SME. Energy increases six times. It’s very complicated.” The Easter period is very important for chocolate lovers because some people make up to 50% of their annual income in a few days, averaging around 20 euros per family.