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Why did Princess Charlene cry on her wedding day?

Why did Princess Charlene cry on her wedding day?

WLOne of the most striking photos of Princess Charlene’s marriage to Prince Albert of Monaco was when she began to cry, still engaged. At that time, one of the rumors circulating about this moment of the party, which took place in 2011, reported that Charlene’s tears were due to cases of infidelity of her partner.

However, in an interview with The Times, Charlene stated: “It was all so intense, and there were these controversial feelings due to the rumors, and of course the tensions that arose that I burst into tears.”.

“And after I started crying, I couldn’t stop because I was thinking, ‘Oh no, now the whole world will see me cry,'” he recalls.

“It’s been a great three days. Months later I would remember and think, ‘Oh my God, did the Eagles really play at my wedding?'” I look back and think about how we managed everything,” he confirms.

It is worth noting that the couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary this year, however, they had to stay separate because the princess is in South Africa after suffering from a health issue.

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