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Why didn't Chris Rock react to Will Smith's aggression?  Here is the possible explanation

Why didn’t Chris Rock react to Will Smith’s aggression? Here is the possible explanation

After more than two weeks, aggression will Smith The Chris Rock At the handover ceremony 94 Oscars He continues talking. There are those who do not understand the comedian’s lack of reaction, but the truth is that there may be an explanation.

In 2020, Chris Rock first revealed his struggles Nonverbal learning disorder (TANV also referred to as NVLD) to me The Hollywood Reporter. It is a disorder that affects mathematical thinking, visual and spatial perception, motor coordination, sensory perception and social skills. A person with this condition has difficulty interpreting nonverbal language and relies heavily on verbal communication.

second site La VanguardiaBefore Chris Rock received the correct diagnosis, it was thought that he might have Asperger’s syndrome.

Chris Rock Unknown Jada Pinkett Smith Suffers From Alopecia?

All I understand is words. It’s great for writing jokes, but not great for personal relationships.”The comedian said in his interview with Hollywood Report.

Chris Rock also talked about this condition on an episode of the viewa Talk show which is displayed by ABC.

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After sitting at the Oscars, Smith’s wife breaks the silence

Remember it was March 27 Will Smith took the stage at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles and slapped Chris Rock yet a joke Jada Pinkett Smithwho has been suffering from hair loss since 2018, A disease that made her go bald.