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Le Pen og ungdommen

Why do young people love Le Pen? – NRK Norway – overview of news from around the country

Marine Le Pen He has always appealed to young voters.

Among other things, it will reduce all income taxes for those under 30 and make it easier for them to get their own apartment Providing general loans.

According to an Ipsos poll, voters between 18 and 24 voted the most against the far-right candidate, Le Pen, and the far left, Jean-Luc Mélenchon. He writes CNBC.

“My goal is to create an ambitious plan for young people,” Le Pen explained on May 1, 2021.

Le Pen is popular with the working class in France.

Photo: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP

I also know The last election was a favorite of young people.

In the first round of the French presidential election on April 10, incumbent President Emmanuel Macron received 28 percent of the vote. Marine Le Pen received 23 percent of the vote.


Macron og Le Pen er videre til andre valgrunde. I Frankrike stemmer man i to omganger dersom ingen kandidat får over 50 prosent av stemmene i første runden.

Foto: CHARLES PLATIAU] [JULIENDEROSA/AFP[جوليانديروزا/وكالةالصحافةالفرنسية[JULIENDEROSA/AFP

On April 24, the winner of the presidential election will be determined.

appeals to youth

Le Pen focused a lot on young people, and was very interested in purchasing power and financial status, says Pernell Ricker. She is an expert in France and a researcher at NUPI.

Pernell Riker

NUPI researcher Pernel Riecker believes Macron is seen as the president of the rich.

Photo: NUPI

– She’s trying to appeal to most people. For “ordinary people” who speak a lot in Norway at the moment.

Georges Chabert is Professor of French History in the Department of Modern Social History at NTNU. He is amazed at how attractive Le Pen is to young people.

I know it appeals to the working class, but it amazes me that it appeals to young people so much.

He says that there are many French people who do not feel represented in the existing political system and parties. It is believed that many young people fall into this category.

Press photo by George Chabert

Chabert is a professor at NTNU and teaches modern French history.

Photo: NTNU

This year’s elections so far have had a relatively low turnout.

Chapier believes that Le Pen has a better chance of winning than many experts expect.

– I feel the coverage was a little nice with Macron in Norway. Norwegians don’t understand how much they hate Macron. Chabert explains that he is seen as the boss of the wealthy.

Macron was accused of being too right-wing, says NUPI’s Rieker.


Many French people view Macron as the president of the wealthy.

Photo: Ludovic Marin/AFP

Rieker also believes that Macron is seen as the president of the wealthy, but makes clear that compared to Norwegian politics, he should be understood as a social democrat who is interested in defending liberal values ​​and a strong welfare state.

– He is hated, but he is also one of the few responsible politicians who has a chance to win. Right and left-based parties have almost disappeared in France – at least in national politics. So now there is Macron in the center, the extreme bloc on the right and the extreme bloc on the left. And the two blocks became much larger.

She explains that when you add the extremist parties, more than 50 percent vote for their candidates, which is annoying.

What about the European Union if it wins?

If Le Pen wins, it will be serious for Europe. Reeker believes that this will mean that France will no longer take the leadership role it has played so far in the European Union.

It will be difficult and we will see more division in Europe. Le Pen stands for a completely different policy. France was largely an initiator and was interested in strengthening European cooperation in many areas, particularly in defense policy.

Riker thinks this is especially important to many now because of the war.


Le Pen modified his position on the European Union, no longer wanting to take France out of the Union.

Photo: Yves Hermann/Reuters

Chapir doesn’t think Le Pen will make drastic changes, nor does she think the French view her as extreme when it comes to the European Union.

– It no longer wants to withdraw France from the European Union, as it wanted in the previous elections. But it wants a Europe with a greater focus on national autonomy, and for EU countries to have greater control over their borders and laws, he says.

– Le Pen had close relations with Putin and spoke about him in positive terms, but backed down a little after the invasion. Riker says she’s also conservative in her criticism of Putin, and doesn’t want to talk about war crimes

After the war ends, Le Pen believes that relations with Putin should be normalized. It does not support the continuation of the economic sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russia in response to the invasion.

In the time we live in now, I think few would want to invest in something so uncertain and new. It also threatened to withdraw France from NATO, which is supported only by a minority in France. Riker thinks you now need to settle down first and foremost.

Therefore, she believes, after all, that Macron will win the elections.

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